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  • Education and Real Life Challenges for Students

    Education is something that never ends has no limits. Its better to be educated rather than being qualified. Education is all about gaining the knowledge and skills that people are expected to have in the society. An uneducated person don’t worth a penny In the market. But something that really scares me is the downflow in the employment industry. People are facing tough challenges to built their position in the industry after being well educated nevertheless never loose the hope and will as it is well said Where there is a will there is a way. The World know that education is a weapon that no one can stole from you and it a thing that increases as more you dole out to others. People have the feeling of dissatisfaction and inequality as they are going through the scenario ,the recession phase of the business cycle.
    Education and Real Life Challenges for Students

    Unemployment is not the only challenge that the people are facing there are many more i.e. financial problems, corrupt system , typical admission process , Kota system, inequality , partial government.

    Some of the unavoidable causes being a hurdle of life :

    Migration from rural areas to cities in search of job.

    Lack of practical knowledge ,thousands of engineers, graduates, post graduates wandering jobless.

    Population explosion , lack of vocational and technical education.

    Risk of capital investment shifts their priorities to a job. As the uncertainties of the business frighten them.

    Everyone has the urge to get a job of fixed salary avoiding the unexpected conditions of market.

    Though India has good progress in the sphere of Industrialization, but being in the queue of developing countries.

    Victims of unemployment are themselves the reason of unemployment.

    Effects on the life of people and


    Due to unemployment 76% of people in India have low standard of living along with the peak increase in poverty rate and low standard of public health are also the worst face of the problem.


    Unemployment is extending to the diverse level that directly hits the economic growth of the country or can led to economic imbalance that pushes the country in the dark well of recession.


    Depression is a virus that directly harms the youth of our country and again the bud of this virus is unemployment. It is believed that youth of a country builds its future but in India Youth is itself lost in the cyclone of depression.


    This is the other reason. The young talent of our country burn in the fire of criminal path. Once they don’t get jobs they make their mindset such a mess and indulges themselves in undesirable activities that not only ruin there life but destroys the family as well.

    This problem of unemployment is at the corner of mountain and crying for the solution. It has now became the great matter of concern. However, it is not easy an equation of math. May take a couple of months or years to get the things on track but will definitely filter out the solution. As it is well said self help is the best help. After being educated youth is fighting with the world and still bare handed. Strong Steps should be taken from both the sides government as well as public contributing to the improvement of our country but unfortunately it’s a bitter truth that no government can provide employment to all unemployed youth. Still, we should not stop trying until we achieve the desired point.