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  • Top 10 Colleges in India 2018

    National instructional ranking framework has released list of top college in India 2018. As we know the ranking of colleges is totally depend on quality of education, facilities, campus and placement etc. If you want to see ranking of colleges in a specific field like engineering, pharmacy, architecture, law and management college of India you can check latest ranking of all these college on (NIRF).

    Do you want to know about top college of India. Here we will talk about only top 10 latest colleges of India 2018. If you are student of any stream you should know about the colleges.

    Top 10 engineering colleges in India

    1. Indian Institute of Science (IISc): The College was established in the year 1909 which is located in Bangalore. The college is ranking at number 1 position in 2018 with 82.16 score. Global ranking of IISc 190 according to Qs World University ranking 2018.

    TLR (100) RPC (100) GO (100) OI (100) PERCEPTION (100)
    84.54 91.08 75.48 43.70 100.00

    2. Indian Institute of Technology Madras: The College was founded in 1959 which are 3rd IIT that was established by government of India. It is 2nd top college of India 2018 with 81.39 score. The college has 264 ranking in the Qs world university ranking 2018.

    TLR (100) RPC (100) GO (100) OI (100) PERCEPTION (100)
    82.49 81.42 85.36 64.81 86.61

    3. Indian Institute of Technology Bombay: The College also known as Mumbai-IITians which was established in 1958. The college has 3rd rank in India with 79.20. It is also ranking 179 in QS world university ranking of 2018. This is one of the highly reputed college of Bombay.

    TLR (100) RPC (100) GO (100) OI (100) PERCEPTION (100)
    81.34 85.59 81.53 48.53 79.61

    4. Indian Institute of Technology Delhi: IIT Delhi is public engineering Institute which was established 1961. It offers bachelor of technology programs in various filled for B-tech and M-tech. The college has 172 rank in the Qs world university 2018.

    TLR (100) RPC (100) GO (100) OI (100) PERCEPTION (100)
    73.38 78.67 74.91 60.96 72.79

    5. Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur: IIT Kharagpur also known as IIT KGP which is public engineering college. It established 1951 by Indian government. The known as it’s top class faculty. It has 308 rank in Qs global world ranking. This is 5th top college of India with 71.39 score.

    TLR (100) RPC (100) GO (100) OI (100) PERCEPTION (100)
    67.96 74.57 83.99 56.16 62.12

    6. Jawaharlal Nehru University: JNU was established in 1969 by an act of parliament. The college provides various programs for UG, PG and Doctorate level. It has different ranking in different subjects. This college comes 6th rank as a top college of India.

    TLR (100) RPC (100) GO (100) OI (100) PERCEPTION (100)
    74.71 42.60 99.12 79.32 46.28

    7. Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur: It also known as IITK. The college located in Kanpur Uttar Pradesh, India which was established 1959. Global rank of IIT Kanpur is 293 according to Qs world university ranking.

    TLR (100) RPC (100) GO (100) OI (100) PERCEPTION (100)
    71.71 68.63 62.76 39.81 67.59

    8. Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee: The College was established in 1847. This is college is 8th top college in India. It has 431-440 ranking according to Qs world ranking. The college known its world class facilities and higher study.

    TLR (100) RPC (100) GO (100) OI (100) PERCEPTION (100)
    65.88 61.59 85.29 58.65 37.56

    9. Banaras Hindu University: BHU had 9th rank in India 2018. It is reputed public engineering college in India. The college was established in 1916. The college has claimed title largest residential college of Asia. It has 63.52 score in year of 2018.

    TLR (100) RPC (100) GO (100) OI (100) PERCEPTION (100)
    65.15 50.76 95.42 53.13 43.62

    10. Anna University: the University established by Tamil Nadu government in September 1978. The university offers course in engineering and technology. Global ranking of Anna University 651-700 in Qs world university ranking. The college comes 10th top college in India 2018 with 62.82 score.

    TLR (100) RPC (100) GO (100) OI (100) PERCEPTION (100)
    57.31 60.76 79.15 52.55 63.22

    These are top 10 Indian colleges of 2018. You can see complete list of top college on nirfindia. If you have any suggestion you can comment below.
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