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  • Climb the Ladder of Network Engineering with Python

    The requirement of network engineers in the IT operations of enterprises has always been high. A network engineer is a technology expert who has skills to plan, implement and oversee various computer networks that support different in-house network services like; data, voice, video and wireless network services. The engineer also designs and implements various network configurations, carries out network monitoring, troubleshoots performance issues and configures systems security like firewalls.

    In addition to the technical skills, a network engineer should also have analytics and programming skills. Long gone are the times when they could run commands on routers to configure network devices. Nowadays, network engineers need to know how to write code or else they fall in the risk of becoming outdated for the job requirements.

    There are many programming languages present in the market that can help them in writing codes. However, some languages are better preferred than others. One such language is Python. It is considered the best choice of programming language for network engineers. So, if you are looking for a successful career as a network engineer, you should take a python course in Delhi or Gurgaon to improve your fundamentals of the language. In this article, we will describe why learning python is important for network engineer?

    Networking is Evolving

    Network engineers used to think that things like TCP/IP or the OSI layer model with Cisco IOS commands would be enough to get a good job in the networking field. However, this no longer is true. A new approach is developing which requires network engineers to have knowledge of coding. This approach is known as software-defined networking (SDN) which is extremely popular in data center environments.

    In the simplest terms, this approach creates a centralised controller that informs other devices on how to forward their packages. The controller makes its decisions with the help of the software that it is running. The software informs the networking devices on how to effectively route high traffic. The complete process of SDN revolves around programming languages in which the software is written. Thus, learning python programming becomes necessary for networking engineers. Even enterprises that do not use SDN in their models want a network engineer who can write codes efficiently. You can also write scripts to automate common and repetitive tasks which gives you more time to work on important problems.

    Python programming language is considered the best for SDN because of the following reasons:

    • Widely Supported:Python programming language is the preferred choice of most SDN vendors. As it is widely used, technical support for any of its queries can be easily found.

    • Easy to Learn:Amongst the programming languages present in the market, learning python is comparatively easier. Though it takes additional work and time to become an expert in it, getting started with the language is easy.

    • General Purpose:Python is multi-functional. Be it gathering a different variety of data or scripting changes in configurations or playing games; python supports everything.

    Why Do Network Engineers Need to Learn Python?

    Long gone are the days when networking was based on CLI or GUI based configurations. In the coming time, network configurations will be completely API based. What programming can do for network engineers is still a wide topic. However, some of its use cases in networking are:

    • Mass changes in configurations on devices like Cisco IOS
    • Interactions with APIs on modern platforms like Arista, F5 and others
    • Using power automation libraries like Exscript and NAPALM
    • Troubleshooting networks and automating configuration tasks

    The cases look promising. However, learning python programming is not a day’s job. Network engineers need to build the fundamentals gradually to utilize the full potential of python in networking. So, if you are planning to become a network engineer, you need to know that people who wrote different automation libraries and python modules had years of experience behind them. Which is why, you should start learning by taking a python course in Delhi and develop good programming skills.