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  • Top 5 Places to Study Abroad

    This is the time of the year when the international universities have opened theirs intakes for the upcoming session and student aspiring to study abroad are in a dilemma to choose the best Course and best country within their budget for their future. Let’s have a look at the top 5 places in the world to study abroad.

    Top 5 Places to Study Abroad

    United Kingdom (UK):

    UK tops the list of most popular study abroad destinations in the world. UK also has been the most popular destination among students also to study abroad. There is a huge variety for the students to choose among the top-notch courses and quality offered. London has 19 internationally ranked institutions including University College London. Famous for its language and rich culture UK has the highest retention rate of students, also low expenditure as the PG Courses here have a short duration as compared to other countries. With excellent education standards, the UK offers a multitude of courses designed to cater to every need of the students studying in the UK.

    United States of America (USA):

    US is one of the best destinations to study abroad. 92 of the top 200 universities are based in USA. Study in USA helps you with to meet and experience new opportunities and also compete with the best brains and experience cultural diversity. USA is one of the largest and most technologically advanced economies of the world. The universities in USA offer outstanding programs in numerous fields. The education is fairly high as compared to other countries. Working with the finest minds and best technology is one of the best perks you experience studying in USA.


    Australia holds its position in the top study abroad destinations in the world. Basically, the courses offered in the universities are in English but comes with a challenge to accept Aussie slang. Sydney and Melbourne- the main cities of Australia are a one stop solution to refreshing beaches, great night life and iconic landmarks. Australian National University holds the top 10th position in the world. The quality of life offered to students studying in Australia is commendable. Australia offers the highest living standard as compared to other countries at a cheaper cost. 8 of the top 100 universities in the world have their roots in Australia.


    Germany is rapidly growing in infrastructure and economy. The expenditure involved in Germany is very low as compared to other countries. Because of the low tuition fees. Germany will also steal your heart, either with its unique and authentically cool cities, or endless variety of cured meats and sausages-many of which can be vegan.


    Surprisingly China has made it to the top study abroad destinations in the world with its diversity in medical colleges and a quality and affordable education. A lot of students are now interested to study mandarin which has a great scope in international business and also contributing to the diversity of the country. China has a rich and diverse cultural history. Shanghai is the capital of China and also the Business center. Although the university programs are mainly in Mandarin, China also offers courses in English Language in their international institutions.