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  • Important Things to know while Studying Abroad

    Studying Abroad, away from your family and home country can help you gain many experiences and a great tour while studying, but can be disastrous if basic necessities are not sorted. Let’s have a look at 6 most important aspects to be taken care of while planning to study abroad.


    A reading a book studying abroad

    The little blue book is the main document you need to take care of more than yourself while travelling abroad. Passport is your identification once moving out of your country. Do complete all your documentation required by the university and for VISA while planning to avoid the last minute hassle Expiration date is another aspect to be checked, make sure it does not expire before your semester end.


    Doing a little lot research about the country you would be travelling can be of great help. You should find top places to study abroad and best universities which can provide you quality of education. Knowing the history and culture of a place can help you adapt with the locals and country norms making it a home feel soon. Make sure to know the local lingo as at many places people are not comfortable with English.


    While travelling abroad, making sure right money in pockets Is the most important thing. Make sure to notify your bank before moving abroad in order to avoid any chaos with the debit/credit card in case of urgency. Mostly banks can issue you an international card which can be used worldwide. Keep a check on your credit card, to use it only in case of emergency. Not depending on cards while you arrive and keeping a good amount of money is advised and would be a saviour in case you face any issues with your card.

    Currency Exchange Is not the same as you checked on the day months ago, so plan monthly budgets accordingly to avoid any chaos in the budgeting.

    Flight Tickets:

    Planning tickets a month advance before the day of your travel would be a good option to get your desired date and time and in order to avoid any late going in the new semester. If flying abroad for the first time, booking a window seat can turn your experience into greatness.

    Health Insurance:

    It is highly recommended to get your health check-ups and know the shortcomings you might face with the climate change in the new country. Health insurance is one of the basic necessities while moving abroad as you never know what might land you in a foreign hospital, that time insurance would help you with the funds involved as they wouldn’t always be a part of your monthly expenditure. Let your health insurance company know about your travel and understand all the terms and conditions.


    Accommodation is another basic necessity while travelling abroad, you should plan your stay in advance, you can also contact your college authorities for help. Knowing the place nearby to stay your university can save you from wandering for an accommodation on reaching new country. There are many websites and apps which help international students to get cheap accommodation abroad, checkout on those for saving your money.