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  • Most Affordable Study Abroad Destinations

    A student with a dream to study abroad has high expectations from the country he chooses, low expenditure is always on mind while choosing the university or the accommodation and living standard. Many universities have made it easy for students to now chose an affordable living outside their home country. Let’s have a look at some of the most affordable countries to study.

    Study Abroad Destinations

    Germany has very surprising made its name in the most affordable study abroad countries of the world. Germany offers a diversity of courses with extremely low tuition fee and also scholarships making it easier for the students to have their dream come true of studying abroad. Also, Germany is the home to many old and top universities of the world promising the students a world class education. Undoubtedly Germany gives a great platform to students for research and also a change to experience other European countries.

    Italy has always been attractive for tourism, but also has been home to the most ancient universities of the world. The Italian culture is something one should not miss on travelling, learning the local language a bit can give you great experience of their rich heritage. Italy offers students an affordable living and tuition fee. Italy is again a wise choice for the students who are fond of historical studies.

    Next to our list we come to Spain. With your studies Spain would tempt you to learn Spanish to get mingled into their vibrant and rhythmic culture. Spain gives you an option to choose from 70 universities. Spain gives you a friendly climate and friendly neighbors to serve as a cherry on the top. The tuition fee here is just same as Italy giving you an affordable and comfortable living.

    When we hear France the first word that pops up our mind is Eiffel Tower. The living cost is higher in the capital city, Paris but the rest is affordable. The tuition fee for students is again nominal. France has a very beautiful language, French adding to its rich culture. French Is a must learn language and I comparatively easy to learn and trendy. Moreover the tuition fee in this country is same for the international and domestic students.

    Surprisingly the world’s largest economy has also made its name in one of the most affordable places to study abroad. Language might be a barrier studying here but the international universities have all their courses in English language. But top of all learning mandarin is giving students a cut though edge for their career. The culture you would experience there can be life changing and adventurous..

    Studying abroad is a great experience , make your choice of culture wisely and get ready to experience a new world , new people and high class education.All above are the most affordable places to study abroad. You can choose as per your interest and budget.