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  • Part Time Jobs While Studying Abroad

    Study abroad is a dream for many students when this dream comes true, the next question comes is to prepare yourself and your budgets in advance to avoid any mishappenings or get a toll on your passions and desires. In this case, a part-time job sounds a great option for the students. Almost all the countries are happy to offer students a part-time job. Every student has a lot of free time after studies and college and they prefer utilizing it for learning new skills and earning money for their comfortable life and some to start saving for their future, send money home. Let’s look on to the available opportunities to get part time job while studying abroad.

    Part Time Jobs for students

    Kinds of Jobs for Students:

    You can get an option to choose from various kinds of jobs depending upon your skills and preference. International students are normally found working in call centers, hotel and bar staff, warehouse staff, data entry staff, language teachers.

    • The ones who hold UK, Canada, Australia or New Zealand are allowed to work 20 hour per week in college days and full time in holidays. The UK allows you to work if you have a tier 4 visa.
    • The employers in Australia are bound to give you a formal agreement stating your hourly wages as decided by the government.
    • USA colleges only allow you to work 20 hours and that too in the college premises as administrator, admin, cafeteria, etc.
    • Singapore universities allow you to work only 16 hours per week.
    • Malaysia would allow you to work 20 hours per week again.

    France allows you to work both on campus and off campus as long as you have a residency card. You can work 35 hours a week in France. The minimum per hour wages to work in France is 9.40 euros per hour. Also, you would have to pay 20% of your salary in taxes.
    In Germany, you can work for 120 days per year in a full-time work or 240 days in a part-time work. Germany pays you between 6-10 euros per hour.

    Where to Find a Part Time job?

    When you are prepared with your CV, there are many ways to find a job, you can start with the employment centers in your college. Many countries have government employment centers also which give a list of employers looking for candidates like you and they would want to meet you in person before giving you the job.

    Benefits of Part Time Jobs While Studying Abroad

    While studying abroad, you would want to experience new adventures of a new tradition and culture which can get a hole in your pocket or you might miss something very new to learn while doing nothing extracurricular apart from your studies. A part-time job gives you an opportunity to interact with more people and learn/excel in the local language. You can spend your money lavishly with extra pocket money while adding new skills to your resumes. Working in a new country is an experience in itself.