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  • How to Motivate Yourself for Study

    November is the time of the year where either a student is in middle of exams or the exams are approaching where most of them still don’t have a plan to tackle the time for good grades as they think it’s too late, but it’s never too late to start. Procrastination is the main thing that holds you from motivating yourself for study. It’s easy to just login once again to your social media or go out party but it’s worth once holding yourself for your future endeavors and make study routine as a habit.

    Motivate yourself for study

    Let’s discuss some easy ways to motivate yourself for study

    Ditch Procrastination:

    Ditching procrastination is the best therapy. Its better done today than tomorrow. It would convince you that your syllabus is over the reach, you cannot anyway do a subject or it’s too late to start now. But just take a deep breath and start it, you would find a way to the destination rather than wasting time procrastinating.

    Taking break from Technology:

    Technology is a also curse being a blessing, and the biggest enemy of concentration and studies. A friend’ s stories might be important to know but your grades are priority right now, stories can wait not your exams. Turning the phone on silent or off and keeping away from laptops for the study hour is never a bad idea for not breaking your concentration and motivating to study. Distractions are always there but learning to overcome them is a great idea to start with.

    Breaking study material into bits and pieces:

    You might be great in a subject, but the other subject can be a bore and turn off while studying. Breaking your study material into small chunks like a chapter or a small part of different subjects can give you a change in small times to refresh you and can be an exciting routine to motivate yourself to study.

    Listing down your goals:

    When you feel like lost in what to start with and where to start just list down your goals and study pattern and stick to it, just reward yourself when you accomplish a goal, this can be real fun while studying and not a fatigue. Just take small breaks and do whatever you are best at, going for a walk, eating a meal, playing instruments etc. By the time exams will be near you would be prepared and get great grades you wished for, Now this would be worth your sticking to schedule for a while and you can party hard with this satisfaction.

    Making a bore subject interesting:

    Its fine not to excel in all subjects but we can reach the maximum level to grasp that subject. Plan a group study, make fancy notes, go for videos of the same topic and you can make the subject interesting to grasp rather than getting bore and whiling time trying to understand things.

    List out why you want to get good grades:

    The most important thing that can motivate you to study is knowing why are you studying, what are your goals, what do you want to accomplish , just list down and hang it in front of you while studying and this would motivate you to study whenever you feel like giving up.