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  • How to Deal with Stress During Study

    Stress is unavoidable in the 21st century. Every student faces it these days due to multiple tasks, complex studies, peer pressure and exams. Students would relate to studying the same page again and again and not grasping a word from that, this is absent mindedness due to stress or distractions. Stress is normal due to study pressure, but you should not let it overflow. There are many ways to overcome stress and concentrate again.
    Stress in study

    Re-energise yourself:

    When you feel overburdened and stressful from studies, you should leave it for a while and go out for a walk or leave the study of study change the place for some time I order to refill your energies.

    Good Sleep:

    Maintaining a healthy body can also help you to avoid stress. You need a sleep of 8- 10 hours during exams to refresh your body. Power nap in between the study time is again an energy booster. Although it sounds cool to stay awake late at night and study all night but if you remain sleep deprived you won’t be able to grasp anything or concentrate.

    Engage in Physical Activity:

    Sports and gym or running or any kind of physical activity is always helpful to divert mind and be refreshed again.


    Writing something is again a great stress booster when you are stressed. Just let out the thoughts of study or anything related to study and write. Different thoughts would run in your mind rather than study and you would be stress-free to start your study again.


    Sounds an old school formula but taking a deep breath in and out is a great stress relieve especially while studying. Just keep your books aside for a while and let flow all the thoughts and procrastination aside.

    Study Routine:

    Sticking to your study routine again can help you in avoiding stress when the exams are on head. Get a plan and a place to study, list down your plans into small chunks and you would remain free. Daily routine of study can motivate yourself to study.

    Stop Procrastinating and Comparing Yourself:

    Every individual has a different pattern to study and different mindsets, so procrastinating can be harmful and builds stress. A subject might be boring or difficult but making a decision yourself that it's not worth to start will be of great loss. Your friend might have finished the syllabus, but you can still get better grades by making a plan and achieving it rather than comparing yourself.

    Positing Thinking:

    Be positive with your plans and study goals, they say “what you sow is what you reap”. Negative thinking attracts more negativity whereas positive thinking would attract more positive vibes and refresh you releasing stress.

    Exams are an important part of life, taking stress does not help in any way but just makes things more worse, there are many other ways to release stress depending on your personal likes and stress boosters. So take a chill pill to make study plans and go for it.