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  • Some Essential Skills for Your Future Career

    Skills that you need for your future career are widely changing day by day and are not the same as 5 years ago. The coming years see a major shift towards machine learning and artificial intelligence eliminating the workforce of humans. Below is a small snapshot of the shifting culture.

    Essential Skills for Your Future Career

    Future career

    1. Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence

    With the increasing number of data available with the industries these days, employers are now focusing on complex problem solving and mapping data to maximize productivity shaped for the benefit of economies and societies. With Artificial intelligence, there is a major breakthrough between the tasks performed by humans and those performed by the machines making it one of the essential skills sets for your future career. Artificial intelligence and machine learning by 2022 will free up the human task force for major data processing and information search with a click. The data below gives us a clear view

    Trends set to positively impact business growth up to 2022 Trends set to negatively impact business growth up to 2022
    Increasing adoption of new technology Increasing protectionism
    Increasing availability of big data Increase of cyber threats
    Advances in mobile internet Shifts in government
    Advances in artificial intelligence Effects of climate change
    Shifts in national economic growth Expansion of education Shifts of mindset among the new generation
    Source – Future of Jobs Report

    2. Internet of Things/ Digital Marketing:

    With the rapidly increasing trend of Social Media and free internet, Internet of things is a major source of data generation by industries making it again one the of the most important things of your future career. Let’s look have the number of increasing number of data generated through internet.

    Internet of Things
    The traditional marketing trends have entirely shifted toward online marketing, making it a big platform for marketers to reach their potential customers worldwide. Online Marketing is one of the greatest skills for your future career. The rapid growth of mobile technology adaptation by consumers are set to increase jobs in Internet of things.

    3. People Management :

    Stepping out of industry-specific skills people management is one of the skills needed in the industry these days. With the ever-increasing vulnerability of stress among humans, it becomes very important it any field to manage people and your surroundings to create a working environment and avoiding any differences in the work patterns and flow. This can also be taken as leadership and management skills where it's an important skill to help increase the productivity of employees.

    4. Self- Confidence :

    Till the time you do believe in yourself, your employers would believe in you. If you doubt your skills, then the others would too. Public speaking and confidence are another essential skill for your future career. If you are brilliant in Solving complex problems, emotional intelligence, coordinating with others then these skills would help you stand out of the crowd.
    Apart from these, the skills for a bright future career varies on location, industry and various other parameters as per your choices.