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  • Mechanical Engineering in India- Eligibility, Career Option, Cost and Jobs

    Mechanical Engineering is one of the core subjects of B.E/ Mechanical Engineering has a great scope in both private and public sectors including industries like- oil and gas, aeronautics, manufacturing industries and also in areas of nanotechnology. With the Upcoming flair of Make in India, the career of mechanical engineers has shifted to a wide mechanical engineering scope. The government industry has a lot of jobs and roles to offer to the upcoming mechanical engineers. Latest technological innovations have created new opportunities for mechanical engineers in India. Mechanical engineering is also one of the oldest branches of engineering as it dates to the innovation of a wheel. Mechanical engineers not only have to manufacture machines but also are responsible for maintaining and testing them.

    mechanical engineering

    Eligibility for Mechanical Engineering:

    So, in order to opt mechanical engineering as your career, you need to plan early from your school days. You need to opt for a combination of Physics, chemistry and mathematics back in your 11th standard and score a minimum of 60%. The top colleges offering mechanical engineering in India are the various IIT’S which offer you admission through entrance exams. Other than the top colleges, our country has various engineering colleges which offer you a degree in mechanical engineering, also short-term diploma is available in this field.

    Choosing Your Field:

    In order to pursue a right career, you need to be sure that this study you need to give your heart, mind and time to! Why mechanical engineering? Is it the right option going forward? These must be the questions that might pop up while opting for a career! The interest in mechanical engineering can be sure if you have a flair of getting to know how do machines work? If you are always curious seeing your toys, the electrical appliances, the cars around you and all the new machinery you encounter with …. That how do they function? What is the mechanism behind them? If yes, mechanical engineering is the best option for you. Go for it!
    When you decide that mechanical engineering is the right option for you would be going for or B.E. which is a 4 -Years course provided by all the engineering courses, where you have 8 semesters with a time span of 6 months each. This course revolves around designing, manufacturing and maintain new machines with the creativity of generating new kind of mechanisms. Also, after your bachelors, you can go for a master’s degree of M.Tech.

    Career Options:

    After going through the course, you have various career options to pursue,
    - Automotive engineer
    - Biomedical engineer
    - Consulting
    - Robotics engineer
    - Nuclear engineer
    - Teaching
    And the list goes way long.

    Mechanical Engineering Cost in India

    If you are planning to do mechanical engineering, it would cost you between 50,000 to 5 lac in private colleges, also a bit low as 20,000 to 50,000 annually in the government colleges. Scholarships are also available in many colleges which you need to look out as the criteria changes every year. The scholarships are based on merit and also for the people who cannot afford the fee.

    Jobs in Mechanical Field

    Mechanical engineering is being an evergreen branch of engineering, saw a fullback in the jobs available in the market but with the new initiative of Make in India, the field has again gained back its importance with a great number of jobs available for freshers and experienced. The average salary of a mechanical engineer is between 25k to 50k.

    As per the projections, the jobs in India for mechanical engineering are going to increase by 2020.
    Good luck with your mechanical engineering!