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  • Way to Quickly Improve Your English Language

    Do you belong a place where English is not the 1st language or the language of instruction? then you need to work hard on learning English to clear your IELTS/TOEFL exam to study abroad. Lets look at some of the easy tricks to improve your English language skills.

    Following Tips Will Quickly Improve Your English Language:

    Study in Groups:

    As it is said knowledge is better worth when shared, when you study in groups, you would have more people around to practice what you have learned, if you just English and do not practice it, it would be of no worth. Also, the more people you study with, would have different new things to teach you. Actively sharing information would also turn out exciting rather than being boring poking nose in books all day.
    Learn English

    Watch English Movies :

    The best way to learn something is to fully get yourself in it, so just start watching English movies on Netflix or any other source, this would help you to increase your vocabulary and also understand native English tone. You can also start writing down vocabulary.

    Vocabulary Game:

    That’s a very old game but is very effective, human brain gets tired after a time, so we cannot learn all our lessons in a day, writing down 5 new words with their meaning and grasping them is a great idea.

    Get in the Shoes of Your Coach:

    Ever wondered why a coach is a coach to you? Why you have to go through the whole book and answer just a few in the examination? The reason is your coach knows the important points and makes you answer just them. Keeping yourself in the shoes of your coach would help you to shortlist which are the important points for you.

    Making it Fun:

    You may love one subject but might not like the other so never make yourself bore while studying, the subject you do not like start preparing notes, or colorful drawing, or get the videos for the same which would keep the work interesting and help you to learn at a fast pace.


    Rest is the most essential thing; a tired body and brain are not the best place to digest anything new. Give yourself breaks in between your learning to make the the most of your learning. Go out swim, play, walk or anything you like.

    Healthy Food:

    Healthy food is again the most important thing while you are studying new things, take healthy diet and not excess sugar which can take you to sleep.

    English is not a tough language to get proficiency in. When you are planning to study abroad after 12th English proficiency is necessary to pass your IELTS. Just a little focus, patience and dedication can help you stick to your routine and learn it easily and faster as practice plays a great role in learning something new.