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  • GEN-Y is transforming the IT sector - Dilip Kr. Srivastava, HR HCLTech.

    GEN Y is Transforming the IT Sector
    The global head of HR for HCL Technologies says factors such as passion and flexibility are crucial for survival in the IT industry

    A one-to-one account with Mr. Dilip Kumar Srivastava, Global head of HR, HCLTech, his views on the current generation, the work culture ethic and the hiring practices of HCLTech.

    What new trends are changing the HR profile of the IT/ ITES sectors?

    There are many new trends we are seeing in the industry. The first being a demographic one. Organizations tend to believe that Gen Y is high- maintenance, but they have also realized that it is the most high-performing generation.

    This is because these youngsters enter the workplace with more information, greater technological skill and higher expectations as compared to the previous generations.

    This infusion of Gen Y is transforming the industry as they seek attentive, collaborative and inclusive workplaces. And as the skills gap widens, we are seeing entry of non- technical graduates in the IT sector. Gender and multi- cultural demographics are also improving for the better. Organisations like ours are going in for structural inversions — the command and control structures of the past are dysfunctional when it comes to what the new generation wants.

    In keeping with these new demands, are there any new- age HR practices that HCL has introduced in the recent past?

    We are driven by the philosophy of Employees First Customers Second ( EFCS), which recognizes employees as the strategic elements of an organization and takes a different approach to engaging, empowering and enhancing employee potential.

    We have created a conducive work environment led by Reverse Accountability.

    It is practiced not only within the team where a manager is expected to be accountable to an employee but also on a macro level where the organization itself has been made accountable to employees.

    Besides educational qualifications, what skills are essential for young people to survive in today’s hyper-competitive world?

    We sometimes find that candidates are unable to demonstrate technical or engineering skills and knowledge because of poor communication skills. As a result, they are rejected in the selection process. Engineering students at HCL are encouraged to focus on continuously honing their skill sets — be it technical or soft skills, and be competent to face challenges of the dynamic IT sector.

    Software professionals are advised to constantly upgrade their skills and learn new technologies. Skill and competency are key factors that can determine the success of an individual in our industry.

    What are the first few things that you notice in a candidate during an interview?

    We look for additional traits such as Learnability. We have a unique work culture that believes in empowerment and democracy and we feel this trait can contribute immensely to an individual’s success at HCL. We also look for the X- factor, which comprises passion and flexibility and soft skills like communication and customer orientation.

    Credits: Education Mail