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  • Japan celebrates Super-30, a film & a book in pipeline

    anand kumar super 30 with japanese actress norika
    INDIANS have always been popular in Japan. Celebrating the cultural and economic ties between the two countries, a new Japanese book on India’s recent economic growth features Bihar’s mathematician Anand Kumar of Super 30 fame as “ one of the forces responsible for rapid progress of India”.

    The book, Indo No Shougeki , has been researched and written by journalists of the famous NHK television channel and has been brought out by a leading publishing house called Bhushan.

    In an exclusive chapter on Anand, the book chronicles his struggle as well as his success with his pioneering coaching institute Super 30. Anand had set up the institute in Patna eight years ago to help poor students make it to the prestigious Indian Institutes of Technology ( IITs).

    “ This book revolves around the story of India’s development and dwells on key areas which have propelled its growth. It also says that education is at the root of India’s progress,” Anand said.

    anand kumar super-30 has a book on him

    The book — priced at 1,800 yen ( ` 990) — says people like Anand are lending strength to India’s rapid progress and advancement.

    It describes in detail how Anand, who himself could not go to Cambridge for want of money, has been helping talented students from the underprivileged families to rise up the ladder and pursue higher education.

    “ The book is quite popular among the students of Japan Management School,” Anand said. “ They also have plans to visit Super 30 and see how this institution runs,” he added.

    Takyuki Doi, a student from Tokyo, recently visited Patna and met Anand. “ We had seen and read a lot about Super 30 through TV programmes and newspapers.

    Many students want to come here. Anand is doing a wonderful job,” he said.

    Anand said the success of Super 30 was mainly because of his dedicated team of teachers and students, who work hard to achieve their goal. “ I am happy with the recognition Super 30 has received internationally.

    This gives me the strength to continue,” he said.

    Anand’s work had been highlighted earlier in Japan. In the past few years, several newspapers, magazines and TV channels have covered the success of his Super 30 institute, which has so far helped 236 students clear the highly competitive IIT- Joint Entrance Examination.

    Recently, Yuta Amma, director of Japan’s popular TV channel, Kansai Telecasting Corporation, had visited Patna to make a documentary on Anand.

    Yoichi Itoh, chief economist of Japan’s STB Research Institute, had also visited Patna to make an hour- long documentary for the NHK channel, which had evoked a tremendous response in Japan.

    Earlier, impressed by Anand’s work, former Miss Japan Norika Fujiwara had also landed in the state capital to make a film on Super 30. Japan’s leading newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun had also carried an exhaustive feature on Anand and his Super 30 institute.

    In 2003, Anand had set up Super 30 to provide free coaching, food and accommodation to 30 poor children selected through a written test, every year. His institute has drawn worldwide attention, but it is the Japanese who seem to be most impressed by him.

    anand kumar super-30 celebrating

    Article & images courtesy: Mail Today