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  • 5 Very Important Pointers to look for while selecting an Engineering College

    confused about choosing an engineering college
    THE ADMISSION SEASON is at its peak at the moment and everybody who is somebody is counseling students all around! It is this time when you have to guard yourself from the predators viz., fake institutions, colleges with unrecognized degree, colleges with high decibel advertising but no real reputation etc. etc.

    With the number of engineering colleges rising with every academic year, getting admission is not that big a problem. What is important is getting admission to a good institute in the branch of your choice. You will be deprived of many benefits and rights if they chose to choose a college which is not acknowledged and accredited by the respective boards.

    We at FaaDoOEngineers did an in-depth analysis of students concerns and came up with some guidelines which will assist you in choosing the best college and branch—

    1. Fake Degrees from Fake universities

    fake degree/ fake college
    Despite all the provisions made by the All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE), State Education Boards etc. to promote and recognize colleges a number of fake universities have mushroomed up. You have to be extra careful of their tall but hollow claims and false promises.

    University Grants Commission (UGC) maintains a list of Fake Universities. Check it out on the UGC and Ministry of Human Resource Development website: or

    Fourteen of the 20 fake universities operate in Uttar-Pradesh and Delhi!!

    2. Flimsy foreign connections & certifications

    Flimsy foreign connections & certifications

    This is a latest trend being followed by a number of colleges to show them associated with the so called “good” foreign universities. Some have even gone as far as showcasing the foreign faculty as visiting faculty in their college! If you come across a college crying hoarse about its foreign collaborations, curricula, faculty etc. do ask for evidence and verify its claims.

    3. Identify & filter out meaningless adjectives

    Superlatives such as "reputation for excellence", "centers for excellence", "exceptional faculty" and "sprawling 100 acres amid lush surroundings" add no real aspect to your education and academic performance.

    What matters is the technical expertise & experience of the faculty, the infrastructure of engineering departments, labs, library, hostel & mess facilities etc. If possible, find out the educational qualifications and experience of current faculty as they play a critical role in helping you understand tough concepts and keeping up your motivation. Check out if the college prospectus and web site list names of faculty members.


    placment of an engineering college

    The most important aspect while choosing a college; its past recruiters and the quality of job offers. Most colleges boast about a “100% placement record!” Verify if it actually is true. Also ask for the type of job offers, the profiles on offer, packages etc.

    In fact if possible ask for contact nos. of recruited students and talk to them personally for feedback.

    5. Beware of media gimmicks and marketing campaigns

    dare to think beyond iits
    Glossy advertisements in newspapers & televisions do not assure good academic standards. Most institutions (of course exceptions are there) that spend lavishly on advertising usually have poor academia on offer. Unless you have your family business to fall back on, don't follow college rankings by media blindly.

    Don't get taken in by offers like 'a free laptop', 'a BlackBerry phone', 'a business suit' or a visit to a university in a foreign country. Beware of college counselors who get paid a fat cut for each admission that they secure.

    OK, that is it for now. Feel free to post any advices you wish to give to prospective students, or to post your questions here if you are still in doubt.

    Ask all your admission related queries to your seniors--