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  • What if...Computers could TALK!!!

    talking computer

    EVER WONDERED how two talking computers would behave (rather bakar!)?? Here we have two talking "bakait" computers letting their hair down...Even going to the strip club once...ENTER Cautiously!!!

    two talking computers cartoon

    two talking computers cartoon - 2

    talking computer cartoon - 5
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    1. meenakshi boni's Avatar
      meenakshi boni -
    1. msrikanth1587's Avatar
      msrikanth1587 -
      Not Satisfactory Joke.....
    1. msrikanth1587's Avatar
      msrikanth1587 -
      they are talking.....
      in Japan, it has been started .....
      Because of Development in artificial intelligence
    1. navya.g's Avatar
      navya.g -
      the cartoons are so nice. But have not so much fun in this cartoon