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  • Imagination + Engineering = Imagineering!! Turning FANTASIES into REALITY...

    WE OFTEN come across people who leave us spellbound by their sense of vision. Each one of us has our own fantasy world, but some are not satisfied with just dreaming about them. They also wish to impart life to their fantasies. Making your dream world actually exist does not just require a theme.

    Infact, it requires much more. It is here that we introduce engineering to imagination. Walt Disney, the father of 'Imagineering', has always been known for his artistry as well as his thirst for technology. Walt Disney imagineering (WDI) is a fair blend of imagination and engineering which has given birth to one of the world's most adorable and esteemed tourist attractions.

    What is Walt Disney Imagineering?

    Walt Disney Imagineering is the master planning, creative development, design, engineering, production, project management, and research and development arm of walt disney imagineeringThe Walt Disney Company and its affiliates. Representing more than 150 disciplines, its talented corps of Imagineers is responsible for the creation of Disney resorts, theme parks and attractions, hotels, water parks, real estate developments, regional entertainment venues, cruise ships and new media technology projects.

    Walt Disney imagineering has given rise to a completely fresh way of storytelling (Pirates of the Caribbean), hair-raising joy rides like the Tower of terror, breakthrough ride systems and what not! However, this includes Audio-Animatronics - WDI's robotics form for shows at Disney theme parks. The first Disney Audio-Animatronics was a toy bird Walt, a simple mechanical bird. Then came the ‘dancing man’.

    Imagineers work on Mr. Potato Head for Toy Story Midway Mania in Disneyland
    Imagineers work on Mr. Potato Head for Toy Story Midway Mania in Disneyland

    WDI’s ‘The enchanted tiki room’ offers a host of creatures. The use of Audio-Animatronics is so precise that each minute eye move and facial expression is captured. These are just a few drops in this oceanic technology. The more you want to learn, the more it has to offer. Audio-Anitonomics has given birth to legendary entertainment features and would continue with its fun streaks in the future projects. Autonomatronics is another branch of audio-anitronomics that focuses on independent creatures. Otto, the first autonomatronic figure, is capable of seeing, hearing, sensing a person’s presence, having a conversation, and reacting to guests’ emotions.

    The Forced Perspective Technique

    Imagineers also design guest experiences in their “The Art of the Show.” Imagineering legend John Hench thought of utilising film-making techniques such as the technique of forced perspective at the Disney parks. Forced perspective is a design technique in which the designer plays with the scale of an object in order to affect the viewer’s vision of the object’s size. Cinderella Castle easily depicts the beauty of this technique by making the castle look much taller than its actual height - 189 feet.

    Disney once said, “Disneyland will never be completed as long as there’s imagination left in the world.” There is always a sense of growth and improvement in imagineers. One of the key principles of imagineering is ‘blue sky speculation’. As the name suggests, it aims at generating artistic and innovative ideas, which have no technical boundaries because according to them “if it can be dreamt, it can be built”.

    The Walt Disney company works on this principle.

    One of the most happening ones is the expansion of the Fantasyland, which would focus on the Disney princesses. Belle, Ariel and Snow White will have their own sections at the Fantasy land, where tourists can interact with their favorite characters.

    If you are a technical as well as artistic person, having trouble finding your dream career, this could be the best option for you. Imagine all the fun related to your favorite cartoon characters, working with them, living with them. This is what the 'Walt Disney company India' provides you. The only requirement being a vast visionary and an appetite for technology.

    - Article submitted by our guest author 'Ritika Dhingra'