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  • The Great Indian Education System - TALL on Claims, LOW on Lessons

    indian education system - tall on claims..low on lessons
    WHAT COULD be the importance of money to a student? Consider an above average student who is capable enough to score a decent 90% in every exam till metric, but when he steps into the real competition, the sudden decrement in performance leaves many parents bewildered!

    Many people consider teenage, a major reason, to distract students. But many of us tend to forget one of the core reasons which deeply affect and pressurize them. If money can provide pleasure it can act as a burden as well, and in this era of excessive competition, it aims to pressurize the competitors. In the present scenario, maximum number of students, aim for either an IIT or AIIMS. All of them want to get the best coaching to develop their technical or medical skills, and those who were once confident enough to crack it on their own, loose all their confidence when they witness the do-or-die status of the league.

    Business takes over...

    This is where the concept of self study looses and business takes over. Competition has given birth to one of India’s best money making businesses, coaching centers. In this fight to prove whose best we all forget who gets to win each time. There are numerous coaching institutions which trap these budding engineers and doctors and make huge money out of literally nothing. This is how it begins, first they lure them with perks like providing study material, best faculty, air conditioned classrooms and what not! Once the child is trapped, they start off with real business. The so called “best faculty” turns out to be best at excuses for a day off or a pending doubt. Air conditioners suddenly stop working at peak summer time. In fact, the idea of studying with a hundred students at a time seems very uncomfortable.

    Growing peer pressure...

    peer pressure - indian education system
    What a growing student actually requires after school is a little rest. Despite the hectic day at school, the afternoon coaching is unavoidable. For once in a blue moon, if he thinks of skipping a session, all he gets to hear from his parents is “we are paying so much, you must utilize it”. For those who act smart and take dummy admission go through worse. Institutes introduce special “IIT classes” for them so that they can utilize the free time. To tell the truth these “IIT” classes give you nothing but piles of doubts.

    Lame teachers, lamer excuses!
    lame excuses - indian education system
    Many a times the teacher himself gets deeply lost in the question and all he’s got to say by the end of the lecture is “we’ll discuss this tomorrow” though ‘tomorrow’ never comes. Millions of building doubts, lack of time, pressure of fees and the fight for betterment constitute to the gradual downfall of the student. Lack of time leaves him with no time to revise previous lectures, that means no self study and hence no confidence.

    Those who somehow manage to grab a decent college suffer intense fee pressures. Medical and engineering colleges charge students almost a fortune. A semester costs around 2 lacs which includes hostel fee, tuition fee which are pretty understandable, but this particular “development fee” goes completely over your head. Since it is maximum out of the three you tend to expect something out of it. On the contrary, there is neither any noticeable development witnessed in the premises nor is the money payable to any sort of charity. Then where does this money actually go? Of course, the administrators enjoy it for their own personal development. These minor things are clearly visible to the masses but the ever growing competition forces all of them to ignore the corruption behind it.

    Time to retrospect...
    time to retrospect - indian education system
    Students need to get a grip over themselves and start to strengthen their skills themselves. The basic criterion, for most of the coaching centers, is “no more spoon-feeding”. Students will have to work hard on their own to achieve their aim. Well, then what the hell makes them charge the students so heavily? There is nothing more impressive about these institutions, which makes them better than schools. How can a child focus on studies without being physically active? How can a student achieve his goals without good communication skills and self confidence? a brain full of concepts is not enough to make you a successful engineer or doctor. Today students need to wake up and get a hold of their potential. Awareness regarding education has become a major necessity for each future guardian and it is high time for them to realize it.

    Article contributed by our guest author "Ritika Dhingra"