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  • DJ Jenny does it AGAIN! Bares her Back...This Time for Anna

    WE ALWAYS knew that it was only a matter of time before showbiz’s wannabe brigade jumped onto the Anna Hazare movement bandwagon. So, as long as Vidya Balan went around sporting an Anna topi, it was okay.

    But now, Mumbai-based DJ Jenny Costa has struck a dare- bare pose with ‘Me Anna Hazare’ scrolled across her bare back.

    Jenny hit the limelight when she released nude snapshots of herself with a Tricolour fabric covering her at strategic points. Her clamour then was for women’s reservation in the education and employment sectors.

    This time around, her scribbled bare back is meant to draw attention towards the malaise of casting couch in Bollywood, she says. “Has anyone ever wondered why there are so many female singers and musicians, but hardly any female music directors in the film industry? The reason is simple — the casting couch. I myself have been a victim.

    I know a lot of girls who give in because they have no other option. A lot of girls leave their homes and come to cities like Mumbai and Delhi in search of work in the film and fashion industry only to be first met by the wolves who ‘ kill’ their will to survive,” says Jenny.

    DJ Jenny Anna Hazare bare back pose

    Image: DJ Jenny strikes a bare back pose for her fight against the casting couch

    When quizzed about the link between casting couch and Anna’s anti- corruption crusade, she replies, “Anna Hazare is a hero to all Indians. He has dictated terms to a powerful and arrogant government and made the entire machinery bend before him and his supporters in a non- violent and peaceful way,” she declares.

    Explaining the concept behind her photo, shot by lens-man Amarbir Singh, Jenny says: “The image is of a budding actress who has been molested by a sleazy producer. She finds inspiration in Anna Hazare and decides to fight for herself.” Jenny’s previous nude shot, released on Independence Day, had invited the ire of the BJP and Pramod Muthalik’s Sri Ram Sene, with the latter threatening to blacken her face and ban her from playing in any disco or pub in their stronghold, Bangalore.

    But the ‘feminist’ DJ is unfazed.

    Jenny has envisaged a campaign on Facebook and appealed to female artists, singers and musicians and junior artists to come out and support her cause.

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    Article Credits: Mail Today