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  • Move over run of the mill tech fests & cult fests…iFest is here!

    iFest Online tech fest iit roorkee
    iFest, a one of its kind online technical festival is the brain child of IEEE Student Chapter IIT Roorkee. It was first organized in the year 2010 and was a huge success with website hits of more than 1 million.

    Various events are being organized in this 1 week online technical festival like Envision, Eureka, Matrixed, Plan de Negocios, and Weblog etc. The whole basis of this fest is online from interaction, presentation to submission. Comprising of technical, research, aptitude based, fantasy, paper presentation, business events the one week bonanza has something for each one of you. Participants from all over the world compete in these events to test their mettle and learn at the same time. It is the biggest online technical festival organized by any IEEE Student Chapter in India.

    Our student correspondent, Ayush Gupta talked to the Convener of iFest, Shagun Akarsh who said, “iFest has created a lot of buzz in IIT Roorkee. Recently a TJ (Technical PJ) competition was held on facebook and that created a lot of enthusiasm among the students of IIT Roorkee for iFest. The website is getting around a thousand hits every day. iFest is not only popular among the students of IIT Roorkee but all over India. The posters of iFest 2011 are being sent to different colleges. We are getting calls from IEEE Student Chapter of different colleges to collaborate with them. We are really happy with the response that we are getting for the 2nd edition of iFest. Total registrations had crossed the 500 mark on the 3rd day itself. We are expecting much more registrations over the next 1 week.”

    ifest 2011 - poster - iit roorkee

    The details of various online events that are being organized in iFest 2011 are:

    • MATRIXED - The Online Quiz - Matrixed is a Super Natural Destination for those who breathe quizzing, whose brain cells are ravenous for being catechized. Here the participants will be interrogated with multifarious and boundless brain eating questions about any axis of science and technology. Their technical grasp will be assayed. The superior of the superiors will make it through the fierce countrywide competition and would be bestowed with awe inspiring prizes. It intensifies the fire for quizzing in the participants. 'Matrixed' is bound to make one the ace of the dominion of online quizzing.

    • TECHTALES - Story Making Competition - Tech-tales is a great opportunity to showcase one's wild imagination to the whole world. After taking up a theme from superhuman, timetravel, space wars, extraterrestrial life, dying earth, man v/s machines or anything else, the participants let their imagination run wild. It is all about coalescing multiple ideas into a meaningful chronology and writing down a complete sci-fi tale. It is a blend of excitement and curiosity with a masala story as the output. The prerequisite to this platform is simple creativity. It is the best means to stage one's flair for writing in front of world.

    • Weblog - the ultimate blogging competition - Blogs are a medium of communication which provides a window into the lived world of authors. iFest presents the ultimate blogging competition to foster and upbring the rising talents .If you think of yourself as a skilled writer , WeBlog is the right place for you. Write with all your might .This is your one shot at being ordained the “Special one”.

    • PLAN DE NEGOCIOS - The B-Plan Competition - Plan de Negocios is the Spanish term for A business plan. As the name suggests it's a B-Plan competition aimed at creating, fostering and promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship among the youth of the nation. This event brings out the entrepreneurial skills of the engineering students and reviews the strategic tactics proposed by the participating teams to be the best in this virtual business.

    • GREEN-TECH The Green City Planning Competition - It is estimated that in India, 2000 villagers move to the urban cities every day. To provide space for this exponential growth in urban population, India requires expanding its urban areas and working on making its present cities as green and sustainable as the time and need calls for. Enough of Farmville, Cityville on facebook, now it's time to let your imagination run greenishly wild as the city planner in you designs an environment friendly city that can live green, work green and eat green.

      Let your mind play this battle where you have to work on your dream city's fine intricacies and crannies, every little detail that is to make your city as much self-sustainable as possible. Watch as an entire city comes to real life – designed, engineered and powered by your innovation and creativity. This event invites you to challenge yourself to make your future city stand as a beacon of hope and inspiration for cities to come.

    • Splash - the poster making competition - People come and go, but their canvas remains. The artists never forget to leave their marks on the walls of galleries. It's for these men; the iFest 2011 presents SPLASH, the poster making competition for the Picasso of tomorrow. Show your skills against the many from all over the nation. Bring out the Mr. Creative in you and grab this opportunity. Be it a pencil or your cursor, if you have talent, you're in. Remember, a brush is the man's best friend. At least the artists say so !

    • Envision - The Paper Submission Competition - The online paper submission competition, which gives a platform for presenting genuine research work. The event aims at stimulating the eminent researchers in the country. Cutting edge research papers are destined for Envision. Here one can roll out his landmark research in the field of technology and compete with researchers across India. Its the stage where the world witnesses outstanding scholars, being a part of which helps in augmenting the competency in research and makes one standout from the crowd.

    • EUREKA - Long Term Problem Solving Competition - The long term problem solving competition, aims at uniting the foremost tech-gurus to jolt down a solution to a industry related problem. The participants work on a problem concerned with improving the technology associated with a particular field. They keep their nose in grindstone for days together. The terrific ones, with all their diligence, prowess, let nothing come in their way and come up with an unbeatable solution.

    • TECH-EX - Industry Problem Solving Competition - If you think that your knowledge is not just for cracking exams then you are most awaited at Tech-Ex. This event aims at bringing technical aces and industrial titans face to face. The firms would be putting forth a problem related to their field of expertise and the aces will be breaking their heads to come up with solutions. It brings out the technological expertise within the self by brainstorming to churn out solutions to real world technical problems.

    • Logicode – Online Coding Competition - Sleep will be on standby as your system will experience the tremors of Codesville when the coding wizards will tear apart mathematical, scientific and technical problems in a furious battle of wits against the best brains across the world. The contest will test the programming skills and problem-solving capabilities of the participants. Gear up for the biggest challenge in the programming world! After all, its the geek that shall inherit the earth.

    • DGAME- Online game Designing Competition - Are you a game developer or aspire to become one? If yes, then this is the right place for you. Showcase your game development skills and compete to win exciting prizes. Being game developer is challenging as well as fun. If you haven’t tried it, try it now. You would love to see your imagination taking shape. We give you freedom, freedom to choose your game-play, freedom to choose your platform. The only constraint is that it should be fun!

    For more info about the events and to participate in iFest 2011, log on to