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  • Avishkar - an apogee of engineering, business acumen and path breaking technology!

    WITH THE advent of the 21st century, technology has become the buzz word. Smart-grids, i-pads, android and LED TVs flood the news. As science makes spectacular progress, we leave behind the sticks and stones and move to a newer age - The Automated Age. The world is at the edge of a technological revolution. And we are looking for the architects of this new realm!

    For years, Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology Allahabad has handpicked some of the finest brains from across the nation and moulded them into pioneers of their fields. It has identified and inspired young talent and infused in them a sense of profundity, inquisitiveness, professionalism and general proficiency. Keeping up with this tradition, Avishkar, the annual techno-management festival of MNNIT, proffers a unique fortuity to the brightest minds around the globe to break free of the daily hum-drum and attain the pinnacle of success.
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    Avishkar is one of the largest technical symposiums of the nation and definitely one of the most sought after events on the calendar. Hosted this year from 23rd to 25th September, it witnesses a conflux of over 6000 budding technocrats and entrepreneurs from across 21 nations. It grants these young minds an unparagoned opportunity to showcase their talent and evince their ideas which may lay the groundwork for the next cutting edge technology. It serves as a formative pedestal for the inventors, corporate bigwigs and visionaries of tomorrow.

    Living up to its name, Avishkar represents an apogee of engineering, business acumen and path breaking technology. From guest lectures and paper presentations on one hand to treasure hunts and gaming contests on the other, it plays host to a gamut of activities which push your capacity to ideate, drive your hunger to innovate and challenge your potential to create like never before. Itís not just a fest, itís a phenomenon!

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