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  • Tim Cook to launch iPhone 5 amid high expectations

    iPhone 5 launch - iPHone 5 rumors
    THE iPHONE 5 is scheduled to launch today, and it’s no rumor! Expectations are sky rocketing, and buzz about the handset has hit an all-time high. There’s a lot of late speculation off late that the next iPhone will be a refreshed iPhone 4, and not a full-fledged, redesigned iPhone 5.

    Newly appointed CEO Tim Cook will do the honors this time from Apple's headquarters, running the first major product launch in years without predecessor Steve Jobs as he tries to take Apple to still-loftier heights.

    So what can we expect from iPhone 5, here’s a shortlist:

    Harder, better, faster, stronger?

    The Daily Mail reported that designers Giga Netzwerk have released a suggested mock-up of the device. The mock-up features “a ‘teardrop’ design, aluminium back instead of glass and an oval rather than a circular ‘home’ button”, and is wider than the iPhone 4. They also mentioned that the iPhone 5 is expected to have a faster operating system. Meanwhile, Gizmodo reported that there is a rumour that the new iPhone’s internet will be three times faster.

    What’s in a name?

    There is, however, an alternative idea doing the rounds: that instead of launching the iPhone 5, Apple plan to launch an upgraded version of the iPhone 4 – or the iPhone 4S, as it will apparently be known. Over at Techradar, Gareth Beavis highlighted the rumour that the iPhone 5 will be delayed until 2012, with the iPhone 4S coming out as a stopgap. However, Beavis also pointed out that a more “credible” suggestion is that Apple will launch both a 4S and a 5.

    Prepare to be disappointed?

    Writing for The Wall Street Journal, Geoffrey A. Fowler pointed out that Apple may struggle to “dazzle” consumers, due to over-inflated expectations and competition from other smartphones.

    iOS5 releases for iPhone 5


    Apple iPhone fans can expect more updated dynamic mobile operating system iOS 5 featuring lots of multitasking options compare to current iOS.Apple has also been working on a Flash supported browser, which is the biggest limitation of the current iPhone.

    Apple has been keeping everything about iPhone 5 under wraps, and while its features may have gotten out, nothing is known about its outside appearance. Many have conjectured the iPhone 5 will be a slightly thinner model, but many sources claim the next-gen prototypes look exactly like iPhone 4s. Regardless, everything about the iPhone 5 will soon be known once Tim Cook takes the stage later in the day...