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  • PItting NITs against each other - Inter-NIT Robotics Championship 2011

    Inter-nit robotics championship 2011 - MANIT Bhopal
    The world is going under tremendous changes, a flurry of revolutionizing developments embrace us all. Each and every development was once a dream of a human. His imaginations created the platform for the realization of his dream.

    So here is a platform “Inter-NIT Robotics Championship 2011” at Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology, Bhopal on 22nd -23rd October 2011. The National Institute of Technology – Bhopal proudly presents a national level competition on ROBOTICS with the motive of “Bringing NIT’s together”. NIT-B is all set to host the first ever inter-NIT event on Robotics. The humongous 650 acre campus and enthusiastic students awaits the nation to put forward their solutions to the modern world problems using their robotic skills and lay the pathway for a technology served INDIA.

    The two day extravaganza will start with an opening ceremony on 22nd morning in Students Activity Centre (SAC). The events start right after opening ceremony and culminate on 23rd evening with closing ceremony at SAC. The event boasts of prizes worth more than 1 lac to be distributed. Nationwide participation is expected courtesy the organizing team and NIT Associates (1 in each NIT). The event is focused at laying the pavement for future Inter-NIT events and development of NIT’s as premier institutes of the nation through student interaction and mutual collaboration.

    Inter-nit robotics championship 2011 - MANIT Bhopal

    The competition has four real world problem statements for you to dwell upon 'ROBOTICally'. Let your imaginations run to the extreme and dazzle the world around with your talent and skill.

    1. Advanced Fire fighter - Build two fully autonomous robots, which can coordinate with each other using the intelligence of swarm robotics to extinguish the fire

    1. Savior Pro - Build manual and autonomous machines which cooperate and collaborate to bring back white colored blocks placed on a line

    1. Rover Researcher - Build a manually controlled robot capable of picking up the balls and to bring them back to their respective base camp

    1. Snap – Track - Design a robot that can solve a maze and reach the destination area using image-processing

    See you all FaaDoOs at NIT-B from 22nd to 23rd October!!

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