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  • Zeitgeist 2011 - Let's go back in time @ IIT Ropar Cult Fest!

    It’s about time, once again the Ropar air will be in a frenzy of beats and thumps as Zeitgeist’11 is round the corner. Zeitgeist which stands out as one of the biggest events in the region will kick off this November, in a new fashion, in a new look, better and bigger than the last time, brimmed with more grandeur and sumptuous than before and with a retro touch to it, everyone is bound to say Encore! Encore!

    Zeitgeist’11 will take you back in time. The retro theme of this year’s Zeitgeist is intended to fuse the lost fashion of the past with the modern day attire. The three days of the cold November at this festival are filled with pure fun and frolic. Days and nights will be intoxicated with splendour, the performances and events will be enthralling with breathtaking charisma; everyone here will be left gaping at the majesty of IIT Ropar’s culture.

    But what makes Zeitgeist different from any other event is the variety of the events ranging from neck breaking hip hop dances to magnificent Kathakali, from professional stage plays to desi nukkad nataks, from fervent debates to melodious singings and much more. No one not even a single soul will be left untouched by the aura of Zeitgeist’11; the diversity one can experience here is unique.

    The dance and music events will be a great treat for all the body shakers and young singers. The stages will be poured with group dance competition where each team can show their talent and skill and solo dance events where the hip hoppers and classic performers can flaunt their alacrity and dexterity. The singers will have their podium too; the singing competitions will be a cut through battle among the best voices, where only the melodious of the melodies will win.

    Then there will be the war of the words where the profound orators and cogent speakers are sure to move the masses, where once again the hidden Mark Antony within us will come alive. The on stage speakers will have their time and space to bring forth their views about issues. Then also there will be places where young writers can scribble down their thoughts on the parchment bound to touch many hearts from the enchanting quill of Zeitgeist’11.

    Zeitgeist is not only about professional artists but also will be a home to fun events for general public. There will be many couple events for the young love birds to enjoy; not forgetting the romantic salsa dance under the night sky will be truly bewitching. And then for all those who always fantasised about treasure hunt and hidden codes, we will host treasure hunts running round the clock on the vast grounds for IIT Ropar.

    So just tighten up your seat belts, get ready for Zeitgeist 2011 in Retrooooooo style.