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  • 12 tips to write an interview winning resume

    YOU DON’T have to be Shakespeare to draft a CV that will grab the attention of your potential employers. Mr. Vinay Grover, Director, Symbiosis Management Consultants, offers simple tips on writing a resume that presents you as a professional who’s well- organised and meticulous about finer details.

    1. Avoid overselling youself: Mentioning qualifications just for the sake of sounding impressive will only show that you have very little to show for yourself.

    2. The covering letter matters:
    Research your prospective employer thoroughly before drafting the covering letter. Get the little details right before shooting it off.

    3. Pay attention to the finer points: Type your resume on an A4- size white sheet in the Arial or Times New Roman font ( size 12). Try to avoid coloured paper for your CV as it may come across as unprofessional. Make sure there are no grammatical errors or spelling mistakes.

    4. Unless requested, avoid photographs: Photographs are distracting and unnecessary, especially when you send your resume via e- mail. It can also make the file heavy and prevent it from reaching the desired destination. Photographs can be useful when you apply for jobs in the hospitality sector or in professions were looks matter.

    5. Be brief and to the point:
    Being specific and concise always works. Trying to make a CV lengthy by copy- pasting the set of responsibilities from one organisation to another will dilute the interest of your prospective employers.

    6. Avoid too many references: References are generally required at the last stage of the evaluation process. They should be provided only if you’re asked for them. Don’t forget to inform your referees their names have been given by you for the reference check.

    7. Avoid clichés and adjectives: Often, potential employees try to impress their recruiters by using adjectives such as innovative, motivated and dynamic. Steer clear of these words and focus on quantifying your contributions.

    8. Emphasise your accomplishments: Recruiters want to know how a potential employee can make a difference to their company. Emphasise those achievements that can possibly make a difference to your potential employer.

    9. Avoid listing redundant hobbies: Mention only those that can be beneficial for the job that you are applying for. If you can’t think of any such hobbies, avoid the section altogether.

    10. Refrain from using fancy e- mail addresses: Fancy e- mail beginning with bond, 007, queen or princess, or similar expressions, will show you in a bad light to your employers.

    11. Talk strategic, not generic: When you apply for a senior position, talk about the strategic nature of their job, instead of mentioning every responsibility you perform.

    12. Be cautious on what you upload on networking sites: Linkedin and other networking sites are usually searched by recruiters while scrutinising a CV, so avoid information that doesn’t match with your profile on the networking site.