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  • For the first time ever, KARNIVOOL live in India!!

    “India, Hold your breath!” This update last night on Karnivool’s twitter handle has left rock enthusiasts in the whole country in a state of complete frenzy. Karnivool, the world renowned progressive rock band from Australia, will be performing at their first ever live concert in India on the 18th of December at Mood Indigo. The band, which has won almost every possible award in Australia, has just concluded its Australian, US and European tours.

    Karnivool is an Australian progressive rock band formed in Perth in 1997. The current line-up consists of Ian Kenny on vocals, Drew Goddard and Mark Hosking on guitar, Jon Stockman on bass guitar, and Steve Judd on drums. Till now Karnivool has released 3 albums including Persona (1999), Themata(2005) and Sound Awake(2009). Sound Awake, released under Sony Music label, topped all the charts in Australia and even went on to receive Gold certification for its sales.

    Ritanshu Kashyap, core group member for Pronites says,” Progressive rock is unquestionably one of the most difficult to categorize and is an innovative genre through which the general youth today connects. When it comes to music, there are very few bands in the world that can be compared with them in terms of talent.” He adds, “Themata and Sound Awake have been massive sellouts and have highlighted the success of Karnivool. With the latest album just around the corner, Indian fans would be hoping to get a taste of singles from their yet unreleased album.”

    Mood Indigo is known for bringing down major international performances to India. Last year, the fest saw a mind blowing concert by world renowned Swedish doom metal band Katatonia. Grammy nominated UK band Porcupine Tree which has performed more than 600 concerts worldwide mesmerized the 15000 strong audiences at Mood Indigo 2009. Finnish Viking metal band Ensiferum, which has composed the music for the Lord of the Rings, performed a concert at Mood Indigo in 2008.

    Continuing with this legacy of bringing down top class performers from around the world to India, Mood Indigo 2011 will witness a gig by Karnivool, which has garnered reputation for being one of the best live acts ever. In their own words, this is what a Karnivool fan can expect in their show,“A solid performance with an enormous amount of energy that is fed back and forth between ourselves and the audience throughout the entire show. We really push ourselves live and it’s really the heart and soul of what the band’s music is about.”

    “This December, people can expect an unmatched visual and aural experience in the live arena!,” says Kaustub Pandey, Core Group Member for Pronites. He adds, “Several rock bands in India derive their musical influence from Karnivool. Given the huge fan following that Karnivool has in the country and the fact that they have never performed in India before, we’re expecting crowds from all over.”

    Register now for the Karnivool rock concert. Here is the link:

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