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  • Sparsh - Touching Innocent Hearts - Social Initiative by Mood Indigo

    As a part of its social initiative this year, Mood Indigo in association with Make A Difference aims to bring about a sustainable change in the lives of underprivileged kids in slums and shelter homes across Mumbai. This campaign, by the name of Sparsh – Touching Innocent Hearts, will consist of the Big Brother Program and various cultural and career awareness workshops held in shelter homes and slums across Mumbai.

    Kick starting this initiative, cultural workshops were held in 2 orphanages – St. Catherine’s, Andheri and Sneha Sadan, Jogeshwari over the last weekend. The workshops consisted of sessions on Dancing, the Japanese art of paper folding – Origami, T-shirt painting and pottery apart from various informal activities. Here’s a report of the activities:

    Saturday 24th September, Center: St. Catherine’s shelter home, Andheri

    The session began with professional choreographers Aditya and Samona presenting a Give Dance performance specially choreographed for the kids. The talented kids picked up the moves soon enough and were seen dancing to the tune of ‘Eena Meena Deeka’.

    This was followed by a session on origami, the ancient Japanese art of paper folding conducted by Origami enthusiasts Mehul and Nikita from IIT-Bombay. With groups of 6 set up and being assigned a volunteer each, the kids came up with top notch beautiful parrots, Jewellery boxes and cubes!

    The workshop was concluded by a flex painting session in which the kids used all possible designs from vegetable cuttings to hand prints.

    Image: Students performing a nukkad natak for slum-dwellers

    Sunday 25th September, Center: Sneha Sadan shelter home, Jogeshwari

    The session began with a guy entering with a potter’s wheel in his hand. An hour of complete hullabaloo was spread across the room as the kids, one by one, not only hand-crafted and presented their own designs and colors but also helped and advised their fellow classmates on the same. Each and every pot structure and color was completely unique.

    This was followed by a T-shirt painting session. They were handed out colors and had the liberty to paint any design or pattern. The designs saw innovation at its peak as one girl used leaves to create beautiful prints while another girl used hand prints to make animal figures. This session was followed by a similar round of flex painting.

    2nd of October, Centre St. Catherine’s Shelter Home, Andheri

    Into the second week of Sparsh, a career awareness workshop was held at St. Catherine’s Shelter Home, Andheri on the 2nd of October attended by about 50 kids. The whole concept was to get the kids familiar with some of the most impressive jobs available to them. The session saw an inspector from the Mumbai Police Force, a popular TV anchor, a budding lawyer and a couple of enthusiastic engineering students from IIT-Bombay interact with the kids and share their experiences in their respective fields.

    Here’s a report of the activities: The program was started by the introduction of a police force personnel. A female assistant police inspector Ms. Horke of the Powai Police Station came up and addressed the kids on what it takes to become a police inspector and their responsibilities. A very innocent question asked by a kid, “Is it safe to be a cop?” was answered by a stern yet confident, “A hero is a hero, no work is safe!” which moved the kids and touched their hearts.

    Image: TV actor Riyaz with kids..

    After some serious talks, came up a popular TV anchor Mr. Riyaz Basha, who enthralled the kids and zipped up their enthusiasm through a live demonstration of what he does on the screen. He laid enormous stress on asking the kids “To do what they loved, and make a career in that; they would never be working, but enjoying always that way!”

    Next up was Law. A young aspiring lawyer spoke his heart out and explained them in detail about how difficult it is for us to survive in this world if we had injustice around us and shared a few cases with them.

    Finally, came in the engineers from IIT Bombay who amazed the kids with some marvellous display of robotics. The session thus ended with the enthusiastic kids trying their hands on the small prototype car model.

    16th October , Centre Ganesh Nagar, Kandivli (west)

    In the third week of the initiative, slum awareness drive was conducted in Ganesh Nagar, Kandivli (west) on the 16th October with an involvement of around 50 volunteers from IIT Bombay, Make A Difference and AIESEC. The activities involved various free workshops for the children like dancing, painting, drawing, origami, pottery and acting in the premises of SVN English School with more than 600 children participating in it.

    More than 150 families were made aware about the importance of education, career awareness, RTE and hygiene through Nukkad Naatak in the community and one to one conversations with the parents across the slum. The volunteers discussed about the day to day problems that people from the community face and came up with sustainable solutions.

    Image: Kids trying their hand at pottery...

    Later the artworks of the children which they made in the workshops were exhibited in the premises of school along with performances of dance and street play for their parents. A volunteer from Make A Difference spoke about the capabilities that these children possessed and how the parents can nurture the talents of their children and motivate them to dream big in life.

    The Big Brother Program: The philosophy of Big Brother Program revolves around a belief that sharing, caring and listening to a child's concerns can make a positive difference. One-to-one mentoring sessions will be conducted across six shelter homes in Mumbai, involving more than 200 kids. Any college going person can be a mentor to one of these kids.

    To be a part of this program you can register at:

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