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  • 10 Tips to make sure that your laptop battery lasts long

    increase Laptop battery backup-time
    EXTENSIVE USE of laptops has revolutionized our working culture. With every passing day, our dependency on laptop is increasing fast. So it is paramount for laptop users to make sure they use their laptop batteries to the fullest and also achieve the highest performance in the process.

    Generally most laptops claim to have 2-4 hours of battery life, but in reality that is usually not the case. There are many factors which reduce the battery backup time, like running USB Based gadgets, CD/DVD ROMs, increased brightness etc.

    Here are top 10 tips to enhance your battery throughput and also increase its overall lifespan-

    FaaDoo tip No.1: Charge your newly bought laptop fully and then discharge it upto 7% 2-3 times and always use your laptop like a mobile never use it by connecting it directly to an AC power outlet the your laptop will work fine even after years of use.

    2) Power management features: Our body feels energetic after a good sleep. The same goes for your laptop also. You can keep your laptop in “sleep” mode whenever you are not working. Use the ‘power management’ feature of ‘windows’ from the ‘control panel’ to utilize this feature.

    3) Screen brightness adjustment: The brightness level of the screen also decides the life of the battery. It is very common that we forget to adjust the brightness while working which consumes more battery. Set your brightness to a lower level when working on battery backup to enhance the backup time & performance.

    4) Optimize Graphics: Do we actually require fancy graphic drivers all the time? The power utilized by graphics cards is almost equal to hard drives. Therefore you can understand that how much power they use.

    5) External Peripherals: Disconnect the peripherals like printers, scanners. USB drives etc when not in use to save power.

    6) Check adapter voltage: Always check the voltage of your adaptor and make sure that you are not using AC adaptor with an incorrect voltage.

    7) Less utilization of CD and DVD drives: Do not keep a disk in the drive all the time. They utilize power which can decrease the life of battery.

    8) Remove battery: If you are not going to use your laptop for some days then it is always better to remove the battery from the laptop and store it separately.

    9) Disable Wireless card when not in use: Always disable your wireless card when it is not in use to avoid battery from draining out unnecessarily.

    10) Avoid undue heat: Do not keep your laptop in a closed car or under direct sunlight. It kills the life of the battery.

    Practice the above tips in your day to day life to see your laptop battery serving you for at least 4-5 years...