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  • Batman: Arkham City - Prepare for mayhem

    batman arkham city game review
    I STRUGGLED as they handcuffed me, but couldn’t raise a finger. As the blows rained on me I looked up and found a window of opportunity. Bulls Eye! I struck their boss squarely on his nose. That should buy me some time.

    Nothing extraordinary, all in a day’s work for Batman.

    It’s difficult being a scientific superhero and a millionaire, and take on all the baddies one has rubbed the wrong way. And one doesn’t expect to fight in the garb of Bruce Wayne, as happens in the opening sequence. And very seldom does the owner of Wayne Enterprises gets thrown into prison.

    The Batman Story Continues...

    Fans of Arkham Asylum will feel at home with Batman: Arkham City, which takes place roughly a year after the happenings of the previous game. Psychologist Hugo Strange has convinced Asylum’s former warden and now Gotham City mayor Quincy Sharp to cordon off the northern part of Gotham — mostly old buildings and slums. The brilliant doctor then proceeds to fill up the walled- up place with former inmates of the Asylum and Blackgate Penitentiary prisoners — who are under the control of Strange, the dictator.

    After the motley crew of master criminals, petty thugs and people Strange wants out of the way are locked into what is then called Arkham City, Gotham loses its love for the idea. And who leads a protest against it? The normally reticent industrialist Bruce Wayne, who calls a press conference to garner support.

    batman arkham city game review - 1

    AT THE PROTEST, Wayne is captured and thrown into Arkham City.

    Dr Strange then makes the chilling disclosure that he is aware of the caped crusader’s identity — thus it was easier to capture him as Bruce Wayne.

    Batman, the World’s Greatest Detective, then goes on a quest to unravel the knots inside the City, where nothing seems the way it is. And discovers that the Joker is suffering from a deadly disease and a cure must be found in time, even The Dark Knight is showing the same symptoms.

    The Tech just got better!

    The in-game experience and brilliant voice-acting carry on from where the last game left. There is a marked improvement in graphics using DirectX 11 on Windows. Those familiar with the Batman’s moves from Arkham Asylum will feel at home in City , plus there’s more you can do with the combos. The game retains its two principal strengths — tackling enemies head on and the stealth mode. And there’s the Detective mode whenever one wants to exercise one's grey cells.

    If this wasn’t enough, The Riddler picks one's brains with 400- plus trophies and challenges. Solve them and one is rewarded with unlocked content.

    And there are side quests to unlock even more extras.

    Eye-candy's Galore!!!

    If one is looking for eye candy, the game won't disappoint.

    Besides Batman, one gets to play as Catwoman Selina Kyle. One doesn't have to learn new controls to get the lithe body in leather moving, though admittedly some moves are different from Batman.

    batman arkham city game review - catwoman

    While Batman would grapple up walls, the cat will pounce on them. While Catwoman doesn’t contribute too much to the story, she too has her own Riddler’s quests and trophies to look forward to — a welcome distraction for the male gamers.

    Arkham City presents a mind- boggling array of Batman villains and characters, though sometimes, the battles could leave one feeling underwhelmed.

    But then, if each enemy was too difficult to beat, it would have been a tough game to handle.

    The game is fun and a must buy for serious and casual gamers alike, though the fan in me is still wondering what Dr Strange plans to do with Bruce Wayne's secret. I shall wait for the answer in the next installment.
    Source: Mail Today