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  • TEDxBITSGoa 2012 - The legend awaits you @ BITS Goa

    TEDxBITSGoa 2012 - The legend awaits you
    Painted onto the highly vibrant and coloured canvas that is life today, there are innumerable experiences worth preserving and reliving. Being Human beings, each one of us is unique and has our own dash of colour to add to the panorama.

    Stories are fascinating because of one fundamental reason, because they capture the soul of an experience, the means to do something we all want to go through and emulate, the way to attain some position we want to reach in life, a story can give a million different things to a person. The story of a person is the key to judging his greatness.

    All of us have stories to tell, but some are better than most. They have the power to shape public will, to change how people view objects, to show the ordinary man what is possible and finally, they have the power to change fate itself.

    We live among chaos, caught up in the threads of fate, trying to navigate through the twists and turns life throws up. We often have no idea where we are headed or even where we want our destination to be. Purposeless and lost, everything seems pointless. With no idea of what we want, chaos and disorder seem to take over you and you soon become akin to a twig on a river, with no idea where you're going and with no ability to control that fate.

    In such situations, a properly told story acts as a guiding light, seeking to tell you that what seems impossible is in reality, very much possible. A properly story will change your story into a tale to be heard, that inspires masses to emulate it.
    From the organising team of the widely appreciated 2011 version, we present,

    TEDxBITSGoa 2012
    "This is my story"

    The latest in cutting edge technology, an integral part of our life, from apparently simple things like shoes for the visually impaired to, who knows how far it can go? Stories of people who seem to impossibly recover from the brink and who today stand proudly entertaining the world, stories from the ****** heart of the battlefield and stories of inspiration and empowerment,cutting across all boundaries. Tales of people who work for a better planet and for humanity and much more. Who knows? Maybe even the blind may be able to photograph.

    All interspersed with slices of humour and entertainment.

    Carefully selected and concocted to be the best possible combination of stories, all in all, we bring you a tale of inspiration, passion, and the very essence of life.

    The fun starts February 19th, 2012 at BITS Pilani K.K.Birla Goa campus.

    Your legend awaits you.

    - Team TEDx BITS Goa