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  • CAT 2011 result declared, as usual the CAT-IIM website crashes

    CAT 2011 results declared - shashank prabhu tops
    The much awaited result of CAT-2011 was declared today (January 11, 2012 at midnight). A total of 2,05,345 candidates registered for the exam, while 1,85,000 actually appeared for it. The test was conducted between October 22 and November 18, 2011 at 68 test centres across 36 cities.

    Shashank Prabhu a student of FMS Delhi has secured the coveted 100 percentile this year. This was his third attempt to crack the examination. When asked, why he sat for the exam when he is already studying at FMS, he replied, “For many serious CAT takers, the test becomes an addiction after some time. One of the major reasons of appearing for the CAT was this feeling of not having achieved something which I knew I deserved. To tell the truth, only a couple of people actually knew that I had appeared for the exam. And FMS, Delhi for me has a special place in my heart and is indeed one of the best schools one can ever get into.”

    Website crashes at the stroke of 12!

    The result was declared at about 12:00 am in morning, however, as usual, the site got overloaded and students were not able to get through their results even after trying for hours. This irked many students because they faced the same issue last year also.
    Some were lucky, like Varun Nair, who saw his results at 12.30 pm. He was however not looking forward to them since he knew he had not scored too well. “My performance in the test was way below my expectations. I might take CAT this year too,” he said. Some were smarter. Nipun Gupta who scored a 51 percentile viewed his results at 11 am today. I did not log in at midnight at all as I was not expecting much out of this test, in terms of my performance. I focused primarily on MAH-CET and not on CAT, which is why I did not give too much importance to the results either.”

    cat iim 2011 website crashes

    For 90 percentiler Nidhi Jain, it was a firm decision to check the results in the morning: “I checked my results only in the morning as I was aware there would be a server issue with the amount of people logging in.” Nidhi was a tad disappointed with her result as she was expecting much more out of the exam.

    Coaching institutes also had little to say the whole day. Very few students were seen loitering around near the coaching institutes during the day. T.I.M.E., said that it is in the process of consolidating results. We should perform better this year than last year,” said Anil Gupta, General Manager, Operations, T.I.M.E, New Delhi. Like T.I.M.E, other coaching institutes also said that it took them a while before they could log in and check results of their students.

    The score evaluation scheme in CAT 2011

    Step 1: Raw Score is Calculated
    The raw scores are calculated for each section based on the number of questions answered correctly, incorrectly, or the ones omitted.

    Each correct response gets +3 points, while -1 is given for every incorrect response. And obviously, you get a duck (zero) for questions omitted.

    The step one of the scoring methodology is to ensure candidates only get points for what they know and deducting points for inappropriate random guessing. This standard process of scoring used in similar admissions tests such as the Graduate Record Examination (GRE).

    Step 2: Raw Score is “Equated”
    The second step involves a statistical process called equating. It is used to adjust scores on two or more alternate forms of an assessment so that the scores may be used interchangeably.

    Industry standard processes were used for equating, such as those outlined within the ETS Standards for Quality and Fairness.

    Step3: Equated Raw Score is “Scaled”
    The third step is to ensure appropriate interpretation of an equated raw score, the scores must be placed on a common scale or metric. A linear transformation is used for this scaling process, which is an industry standard practice (Kolen & Brennan, 2004).