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  • 7 Tips to ACE 2012 class 12 CBSE Board Exams

    7 Tips to ACE 2012 class 12 CBSE Board Exams
    WITH LESS than six weeks left for the Class XII Board exams, it is time for you to get your act together so that your scores reflect the effort you are putting in. You must not only prepare well, but also perfect the art of presenting the information you have in the best possible manner.

    The only way to do well in the exams is to study through the year and not wait till the countdown starts, but it is also important that you write your answers in the right frame of mind. Time management, good health and stress control are as important as cracking a physics numerical or deriving a mathematical equation.

    1.) Pre-Boards Funda: At this time of the year, you must be taking your pre-board exams. Don’t take them lightly. Approach them with the kind of seriousness you’d invest in your finals.

    2.) Sample Papers: The same advice holds good for sample papers. When you answer a sample paper, it is important that you finish it within three hours, and don’t take breaks or switch on the music.

    “Students are not only taught their prescribed subjects in schools, but also trained to do well in Board exams,” says Rekha Krishnan, Principal, Vasant Valley School, Vasant Kunj. Her advice to students is that they should not wait for the last minute; they should address their areas of weakness and not accumulate a backlog.

    As students go on their preparatory leave, it is important that they utilize the time properly and revise the syllabus thoroughly. They must also keep in touch with their teachers to discuss problems they come across during the revision procession.

    3.) Write, Write & Write: Written practice is the key to both comprehending a concept and memorizing a formula.

    4.) Revise right: The preparation strategy from now on should be a mixed bag of revision of the syllabus and answering the sample papers. This way you will be able to revise the syllabus and finish the sample papers simultaneously.

    5.) Reading the right textbooks is equally important in an age when school students are bombarded with all kinds of reference books from different publishing houses.

    6.) NCERT = Bible: The general consensus is that NCERT textbooks, though much thinner than reference books, remain the best for information-bombarded students. “ At least for Chemistry, the subject that I have been teaching for so many years. If students read NCERT textbooks thoroughly, they can score 90 per cent without really doing more,” reveals Swati Nag, who also teaches at Vasant Valley School, adding, “ Textbook numericals are most likely the ones adds. set in the question paper.” With all the reading and writing done, you have to make sure that the state of your health allows you to sit through an exam for three hours.

    7.) Excessive peer pressure: Parents must not put unnecessary pressure on their children to do well in exams. The media must stop building up a hype over the exams. “Students already have the burden of expectations of their parents and loved ones to cope with,” says Krishnan.

    “So when the media steps up the hype, students start believing that they are under some sort of surveillance that can affect them adversely.” That’s sage advice from a teacher of long standing.
    Source: Mail Today