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  • Stories that Inspire, Excite & Evoke Passion - TEDxBITSGoa 2012

    tedx bits goa 2012
    Seven billion people populate the world today. Each of them unique in their own sense, each of them is just one among the multitudes of millions that seek to make their voice heard. How many people die nameless, living as though they never existed to the world outside? All caught up in the giant rat race, there seems to exist nothing outside the world we confine ourselves to. Today's world is like a box, a fixed path and procedure existing for everything we ever want to do. Things seem to lie in black and white, with nothing new being added to the canvas, the artist in us devoid of inspiration.

    There are few, however, who choose to see things differently. While we may look up, down, left and right, there are some, who look forward. These, are the visionaries of today. Envisioning colour where there is grey, with sight that pierces the mists of time, these are people who live outside the box, challenging boundaries and proving once and again, that possibilities, are indeed, limitless. With stories that can shake the very foundation of our being, these men live to change other people and make them realise that their potential is unbounded.

    A story is a curious thing. No one knows how they came about or why they're so popular. However, one thing is clear, their ability to change people. Events happen every day. However, the beauty of it all lies in the perception of the event, not the execution itself. For example, the long and drawn out, so called debate between science and religion. Science provides a logical explanation, yes, but religion touches some inner part of us, somehow giving most people peace of mind. This is the essence of a story.

    We live amongst chaos, caught up in the threads of fate, trying to navigate through the twists and turns life throws up. We often have no idea where we are headed or even where we want our destination to be. Purposeless and lost, everything seems pointless. With no idea of what we want, chaos and disorder seem to take over you and you soon become akin to a twig on a river, with no idea where you're going and with no ability to control that fate.

    In such situations, a properly told story acts as a guiding light, seeking to tell you that what seems impossible is in reality, very much possible. A properly story will change your story into a tale to be heard, that inspires masses to emulate it.

    From the organisers of the highly successful 2011 version, we present to you,

    TEDxBITSGoa 2012
    "This is my story"

    Carefully selecting a wide spectrum of stories designed to inspire, excite and evoke passion, we present to you a package that guarantees to deliver. Going through the intricacies of technology and innovation, with a man who has worked with the visually impaired, unravelling the mystery behind blind photography, capturing the ****** emotions and scenes of war and getting an absolute first person view of it by experts in the field and then exploring India's wild and beautiful terrain with one who can who knows every corner of the country, we then add a dash of humour from the writers of 'The week that wasn't'.

    tedx bits goa 2012 - this is my story

    Moving on, we come to the moving tale of the founder of the India development foundation and his lifetimes work with leprosy patients, the woman who has struggled to make the roar of India's tigers be heard again, the heart moving tale of a musician who has braved all odds to keep his passion for song alive, a man who has seen the bad side of the law and had the tremendous strength of character and willpower to reform himself, a woman who needs no mention, paving the way for women in the Indian police, a man who has given up all the riches he could have had to teach the poor and educate the masses, and a man who has followed his dream, no matter what, to become one of the most followed people in the field of photography today.

    All these visionaries have one thing in common. A story that is far from ordinary, one that will make you sit up and listen, a story that will change your very life. This is your chance to live your dream and not dream it, your chance to start becoming the person you want to be, and to realise that your possibilities are indeed, limitless.

    Sunday, 12th February 2012, the auditorium, BITS Pilani K K Birla Goa campus.
    Be there!

    - TEDx BITS Goa 2012 Editorial Team