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  • Grammar is not a waste of time - 7 hot tips to crack English in Board Exams

    cbse board exam english tricks
    ENGLISH is the one subject that students tend to take lightly, especially when they can speak it. Always remember written English is different from spoken English. You might get away with the mistakes that you make while speaking English, but you are going to be graded down if you make errors while writing your English paper.

    The CBSE English curriculum has two options; core English and functional English. Though majority of the schools in Delhi prefer to teach core English, functional English is believed to be easy scoring option because of the grammar part. However, preparation style for both is more or less same.

    Basic rules to prepare for any subject are almost same:

    1. Studying text thoroughly, written practice and time management are crucial for every subject.

    2. Core English has three sections; comprehension, writing skills and literature. Romila Kumar, Department of English at Vasant Valley School, advises students to avoid casual reading and take notes during the revision. “Taking notes helps a lot. Even after revision, students tend to forget few things. If they have taken notes, they can always go back and have a look. It saves a lot of time,” explains Kumar.

    3. “Written practice is a must, and solve as many as sample papers,” she adds.

    Functional English, which is believed to be easy scoring, has a grammar portion besides translation and literature sections. Kumar advises students to understand the statements and then translate to avoid word-to-word translation.

    5. Grammar can be easy scoring but one has to be very accurate. Therefore, the trick again is a lot of written practice.

    6. Students should solve the practice work books that they are recommended in class and also solve CBSE sample papers and previous question papers. “Grammar is more of practice than anything else,” tells Kumar.

    With the reading and writing practice done, it is important to deliver it right on the examination day. Presentation of the answers is very important, and the students should be able to communicate effectively what they want to say in their answers.

    Kumar shares these last words of wisdom.

    “Understand the question and structure your answer accordingly. Don’t write long answers and be specific in your answers. And finally, revise your answer paper to make sure that you haven’t committed any errors.”
    Source: Mail Today