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  • 7 Smartest upcoming cell phones in India in 2012 - Don't buy a phone just yet!

    Are you planning to buy a new cell phone? Wait. 7 cool new smartphones are set to be rolled out in India in a few days that will have the smartness of a whole new level!

    Smartphones manufacturers have a single point agenda - to make their devices bigger, sleeker and powerful. Mobile phones with a 1GHz processor, and 5MP camera are pretty much standard these days but there are some that have gone beyond this point. So if you’re one amongst many others that are addicted to the smartphone rush, we’ve got exactly what you’re looking for with the 7 best upcoming cell phones that pack-in the latest hardware and advanced features.


    SONY ERICSSON is no more, for the Japanese company has bought over its Swedish partner, but the late entity’s impressive range of Xperia devices stays alive. The Xperia P might run a slightly dated version of Android (Sony promises an upgrade soon), but like all Xperias before it, this one looks great and has stunning imaging ability.

    Along with the slightly larger Xperia S, this, the first Sony branded phone in a long time, is possibly the best-looking Android device around.

    Expected launch in India: Mid-2012
    Estimated Price: INR 25,000

    sony mobile xperia p launch in india


    POSSIBLY the craziest device revealed at the Mobile World Congress, this is pretty much a camera that can also make calls.

    The 41-megapixel imaging sensor takes incredibly detailed pictures. The downer is that it runs Nokia’s virtually dead Symbian Series 60 operating system.

    Expected launch in India: May 2012
    Estimated Price: INR 30,000+

    nokia pureview 808 launch inindia

    3. NOKIA LUMIA 610

    THE fourth in Nokia’s Lumia series, the 610 will be the most affordable Windows Phone yet, and could really upset the Android applecart.

    The 610 will have a slightly less zippy processor and a smaller-camera than its bigger siblings, but will offer all the same services. This may not be a device for power-users, but for people who have been aspiring to experience the ‘ new’ Nokia, this will be an affordable entry point.

    Expected launch in India: Mid-2012
    Estimated Price: INR 12,000

    nokia lumia 610 launch in india

    4. HTC ONE X

    A PIONEER in the world of Android and Windows devices, HTC seems to be losing its lead to its rivals. Now, with the One X, it plans to regain the top spot; the phone features a monster 1.5- gigahertz, quadruplecore processor, a large 4.7-inch screen and an 8-megapixel camera, and it runs Google’s latest Ice-Cream Sandwich version of the Android.

    And if the One X is not enough, it has smaller and equally capable siblings in the XL, S and V.

    Expected launch in India: Mid-2012
    Estimated Price: INR 35,000

    htc one x launch in india


    IT’S the third device Samsung has made with an in-built pico-projector, and it’s a good one. The projector is capable of beaming HD videos and Samsung says it will even work in outdoor conditions on screens that go up to 50 inches. The innards of a Galaxy Beam are essentially similar to those of an S2, but as you’d expect, it’s thicker and heavier, thanks to the projector.

    Expected launch in India: Mid-2012
    Estimated Price: INR 30,000+

    samsung galaxy beam


    THE first major smartphone to be released outside Japan by the electronics giant Panasonic, the Eluga is super-slim and waterproof. The 4.3-inch screen has great resolution and a clear display and will operate Ice-Cream Sandwich, Google’s latest Android version. It is not clear whether Panasonic will launch this device in India.

    Expected launch in India: End of 2012
    Estimated Price: N/A

    panasonic eluga 2012 launch in india

    7. LAVA XOLO X900

    HOW did the XOLO X900 make it to this list? Well, simply because it will be the first smartphone with an Intel processor to be available in India. The American microprocessor company, which has lost out to its rivals from Nvidia and Qualcomm in the smartphone race, is desperate to make up and as processors get beefier, it is definitely catching up.

    This device will have a zippy 1.6 gigahertz processor on board and will run Android 2.3.

    Expected launch in India: End of 2012
    Estimated Price: INR 20,000+