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  • Last minute preparation tips to ace the IIT-JEE & AIEEE 2012!

    WITH the countdown to IIT- JEE, AIEEE and BITSAT having started, it is essential to maintain your peace of mind and pursue a definite strategy for examination day. Hereís how you can handle your examination day pressure.

    Sleep well

    First and foremost, you must get proper sleep on the night before the exam.

    You cannot afford to go to the examination hall feeling tired. Also, last- minute preparation only adds to the pressure because it makes you give a lot of importance to topics you are not sure about and this leads to a build- up of self doubt.

    Don't get nervous

    Donít get bogged down by your weaknesses.The best time to strengthen your weak areas is the three-month period you get at the beginning of the year and not the day before the exam. So, relax and believe in yourself.

    Practice Well

    With proper practice, you should have developed a strategy by now as to how you will tackle the exam and handle questions that stump you. It all depends on how well you have analyzed yourself over the two years youíve spent preparing for D-Day.

    For instance, depending on your comfort level on tougher questions in time crunch situations, you might want to start the CBSE Class XII Maths exam with the questions carrying 5-6 marks each, so that you donít lose out on them in case you fall short of time.

    The Question Solving Tricks

    Similarly, in a competitive exam, you might want to have a go at the easy questions first, irrespective of the subject, to build up a minimum score, or else start with the subject that requires you to spend more time on it because it is tougher than the rest.

    Then, in the time you spend between two papers, discussing and analysing the first often turns out to be disastrous because you may discover you have made avoidable mistakes and see your morale taking a hit. Instead, chill out between papers, take a light lunch and rest for a while.

    In the examination hall, first go through the questions properly and try to do as much work as you can on paper. Mark my words: Even the best among us make mistakes while attempting to speed up matters by resorting to mental calculations.

    Take care not to mark answers to questions in wrong places. Go with one subject at a time. Answer all the questions in one section and then move on to the next so that you donít keep the toughest questions for the last when tension builds up.

    Itís not the one who knows the most who leads on the final day, but the one who can apply oneís knowledge under pressure, who is most comfortable in tense situations, and who can minimise silly mistakes on Judgement Day.

    - Vipul Singh (he stood fifth in the IIT-JEE 2010 and topped the AIEEE 2010)