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  • IIT-JEE 2012 - Paper 1 balanced - Paper 2 tricky & lengthy!

    IIT-JEE 2012 - Subject-wise expert analysis and review
    Paper I for I IT JEE 2012 saw some minor deviations from the pattern as compared to the last couple of years. This edition featured 20 questions each in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics with only three sections per subject (or part). Section 1 featured ten multiple choice type questions with only a single option to be chosen, Section 2 featured 5 multiple choice type questions with more than a single option to be chosen and Section 3 had five questions of the 'integer answer type' variety.

    This time around, paper 1 did not feature any section involving 'comprehension' or 'passage' type questions. An initial analysis by subject experts from all three domains of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics indicates that the question set was well balanced featuring questions distributed from the entire syllabi with more emphasis on conceptual clarity and application of fundamentals to 'tricky' problems as opposed to rigorously difficult and time consuming mathematical analysis type of problems.

    JEE 2012 Paper - 1 - Physics Analysis

    Other than couple of sections such as Gravitation and Simple Harmonic Motion which were omitted, the question set featured a balanced approach to the syllabus. Also the emphasis was more on application of concepts rather than lengthy calculations barring a few questions. Students well prepared for such examinations could be expected to find this edition of the Physics paper to be a standard one with very few (or none at-all) questions to be overtly tricky or cumbersome in calculations.

    Furthermore, as compared to previous years, time management during the exam would be a less critical factor while taking the Physics part especially since the number of questions was just twenty.

    JEE 2012 Paper - 1 - Chemistry Analysis

    Subject experts have categorized this edition to be 'neither difficult nor easy'. Equal weightage was given to Organic, Inorganic and Physical Chemistry sections. The emphasis on different topics and the types of problems correlates well with the content arrangement in NCERT text books. Here again problems checked basic conceptual familiarity with only a few being potentially mistake inducing/ tricky.

    JEE 2012 Paper - 1 - Mathematics Analysis

    This section stood out in comparison to the others as it was slightly lengthier. While there were hardly any lengthy calculations required, the problems did require sufficient time for analysis. There seems to more focus on Calculus, Vectors and 3-D Coordinate Geometry sections of the syllabus. As far as Paper I is concerned, Mathematics might turn out to be the deciding factor.

    IIT-JEE 2012 - Subject-wise expert analysis and review

    IIT-JEE 2012 Paper 2 Analysis

    Paper 2 for I IT JEE 2012 also features a structural change as compared to the last two editions of the exam. This time each Part (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics) featured three sections each with section I containing eight multiple choice type questions with only one option to be selected, Section II containing three paragraph type questions with two questions per paragraph (therefore a total of six questions) and Section III containing six multiple type questions with more than one option to be selected. There was no section with integer answer type questions in paper 2 of this edition.

    Experts feel the question sets were again well balanced across the syllabi with more emphasis on conceptual type of questions as opposed to questions requiring extremely lengthy solving. However there are a couple of sections of the syllabi that were more favored. Time management once again would not have presented a huge challenge for the better prepared as the number of sections for each part was limited to just the three.

    JEE 2012 Paper - 2 - Physics Analysis

    Paper 2 has definitely been deemed trickier as compared to paper 1 with some interesting questions in Mechanics in particular. The questions were again not lengthy in terms of numerical solving but some were on the trickier side conceptually. Overall, for a well prepared student this was more or less a standard type of question set with properly balanced weightage to all sections of the syllabi.

    JEE 2012 Paper - 2 - Chemistry Analysis

    Subject experts have rated the Chemistry section for Paper 2 to be relatively easy in comparison to Paper 1. Overall the questions focus more on conceptual understanding and there is a high correlation with the NCERT curriculum. Also, the Chemistry parts of both Papers 1 and 2 this year featured very few technical ambiguities compared to previous years though there were a couple of questions in Paper 2 with language based technical ambivalence that may have confused some test takers. Otherwise it was a well balanced question set with proper distribution of emphasis on the entire syllabus.

    JEE 2012 Paper - 2 - Mathematics Analysis

    Experts have rated the Mathematics section in Paper 2 to be of a standard type and one that should not have presented any major hiccups to well prepared students. Neither were the questions conceptually tricky and nor were they lengthy and cumbersome to solve with most of the emphasis on conceptual aspects. Once again, as with the other sections, the balance was exceptionally appropriate in terms of syllabus coverage and the questions coined in technically immaculate yet student friendly language.