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  • Thapar University’s quality argument to cancel local quota invalid

    Thapar University's decision to cancel the 50% domicile quota due to shortage of quality students from Punjab fell flat when it was scrutinized on the basis of admission data.
    Records show that several times in the past two years, students from Punjab who have been admitted to Thapar University (TU) have outscored those from other states in the admission eligibility test, the All India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE).

    The management said, "dearth of quality students is the reason behind scrapping the quota, as the gap between the AIEEE ranks among the students from Punjab and outside was widening every year"

    A scrutiny of the AIEEE ranks of TU students from the six most popular streams in undergraduate engineering study computers, electronics, mechanical, electrical, civil and electronics instrumentation shows no significant difference between the performance of students from Punjab and those from the rest of the country.

    But in 2011-12, students from Punjab led the ranking in electronics, mechanical and in civil engineering, whereas in 2010-11, Punjab students were ahead in two streams, electrical and civil. The university had said that throwing open all seats for national competition will "also ensure that no seat goes vacant"

    For now, the Youth Organization of India (YOI), a students' body from the Punjabi University here, on Saturday staged protest outside Thapar University, demanding the quota be brought back. "The move is anti-Punjab," said the president of the organisation, Rajvinder Singh Dhanaula.

    Source: TOI