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  • Conference on Power System starts at IIT-Kanpur

    A two day workshop is being conducted at IIT-Kanpur which is based on 'wide area monitoring and control of power systems using synchrophasor technology' from this Friday.

    This is inaugurated by directors of IIT-K Mr.SG Dhande. N Murgesan, Director General, Central Power Research Institute (CPRI), Bangalore, was the chief guest. Saikat Chakrabarti and SC Srivastava from department of electrical engineering, IIT-Kanpur are the coordinators. The workshop coordinators said that secure and reliable operation of modern power systems has become an increasingly challenging task due to the increasing demand of electricity.

    Several blackouts worldwide recently have necessitated the use of more intelligent and automated systems for online monitoring, protection and control of the power systems. Wide area monitoring and control (WAMC) systems deploy phasor measurement units (PMUs) at selected locations in the transmission network.

    PMUs provide GPS synchronized time stamped voltage and current phasor measurements at sub-second rate. The time-synchronized measurement system enhances the situational awareness and facilitates the use of several online systems to control the stability and security of power systems. The WAMC systems have already been installed in the electricity grids of several countries. There are plans to install the systems in the Indian regional power grid networks. The main objective of the workshop is to identify specific problems which need immediate focus to handle the challenges of wide area monitoring and control (WAMC).

    Experts will bring lectures on specific issues and technological aspects of wide area monitoring and control (WAMC) system, its architecture, various monitoring and real time control applications, experience and road map of deployment in the Indian grid and the testing requirements.

    The workshop is supplemented by a lab demonstration of the WAMC technology using real time digital simulator (RTDS) platform. A panel discussion in the workshop is aimed at identifying specific research and development challenges.

    Source: TOI