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  • IIT aspirants lose sleep as doubts are raised over a question in JEE 2012

    Almost a week after the IIT-JEE exam was held across the country, students are now raising doubts over a question carrying three marks in the Physics section of paper-II.

    "According to the query, there was a shaded region in the disc. However, none of the regions were shaded. The question carried three marks," said a student on the condition of anonymity. "The diagram had a shaded region on one side of its diameter and an unshaded section on the other side as it is shown in the figure. The question set a condition and gave students four options based on the shaded and unshaded regions," said another student.

    But IITs won’t give compensation marks as it wasn’t a major issue.

    A part of question in the Physics section stated that “the disc has a shaded region on one side of its diameter and unshaded region on the other side as it is shown in the figure”. The question set a condition for the students and gave them four options based on the shaded and unshaded regions. Several students who got paper code four and seven have complained about the circle being completely white with no shaded region. Some students, who got other paper codes, claimed that the same question in their code had the shaded portion. The organisers of IIT-JEE usually print different question papers with the same questions but change in the order in which they are asked.

    One of the students, who got question paper code number four, said, “When I read the question, I was little puzzled. I wondered whether the question meant that there should have been a shaded region. I tried to look at the question paper carefully and lifted it against the light to see if it was shaded, but it was not. I, finally, decided to take a guess and shaded the left side of the disc myself and attempted the question. If my guess is wrong, the answer will also go wrong.” It was the third question in his paper code.
    Another student, who attempted JEE for the second time this year, said, “I have taken several entrance exams and this was my second JEE. I know for sure that if the question says that a portion is shaded, it needs to be shaded. Both the regions on the disc were totally plain. Three marks are really crucial for an important exam like JEE.” This student got paper code number seven.

    The IITs have ruled out any compensation marks. "I am not claiming that the diagram was prominently shaded in the question paper but the students would have spotted the shaded section had they looked closely," said chairperson of IIT-JEE 2012 GB Reddy.

    - Source TOI