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  • AIEEE 2012: What to do and what not to do in the last week!

    The mother of all engineering entrance exams in India, AIEEE is scheduled to be conducted in the offline avatar this Sunday. More than 11,00,000 aspirants will be appearing in the exam at about 1,700 centres in 90 cities across India. talks to Tejas Malhotra (AIEEE-2011-AIR 127), Sunita Subramanyam (AIEEE-2011-AIR 233) and Vaibhav Gupta (CSE, NIT Jamshedpur) about what candidates must do four-five days before the big day.

    "Last week preparation is more about setting realistic targets. Usually, out of panic we start studying everything again. Taking a serving of more than how much one can eat has never helped anyone. Brooding over what you could have completed or could have mastered at is a suicide mission that many go around at this time. Try avoiding that and depressing others around you too," says Tejas in a rather serious tone.

    He adds, that it is not wise to start studying new concepts few days before the exam. But rather a smart way of working would be to prepare different kinds of numericals from the concepts you are already acquainted with. That, he says, would help widen the scope of questions you can answer. "Taking intelligent and calculative guesses should be restricted to the concepts you are pretty much familiar with. A single negative means five marks lost, not a one-mark negative."

    AIEEE is a shade lower in terms of difficulty level than IIT-JEE and tests the technical knowledge as well as the speed of the candidates. What this means is, though the difficulty level of the exam may be moderate, the questions tend to be phrased such that the student uses some analytic logic to arrive at the solution. "So expect to stumble upon questions that you have never come across in your practice sets but just attempting them with a logical mind makes it a cakewalk," explains Sunita.

    Revision has always been a lesson taught to us since our school days. It helps us recollect what we have already studied in classrooms and preparation sessions. Revision helps us store the information fresh in our minds for the exam day. Says Vaibhav Gupta, a Computer Science engineering student from NIT Jamshedpur.

    "Do not revise entire chapters or topics. No time for that. Instead, revise smartly. Go through all the important Mathematical formulas and just the focus of the main chapters from each of the three subjects, namely Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry."

    "As the difficulty level of the questions at AIEEE is not much when compared to IIT-JEE, focus on your speed and your accuracy." Sunita also warns students not to take chances with the questions you are unsure of as one incorrect answer will take away four-five marks!

    "Get your basic Calculus formulas worked out in Mathematics, and Organic Chemistry as well. Expect an easy question paper, provided you have got your basics right!"

    In the end, both students have one common point to say which is, that AIEEE is one of the more crack-able exams amongst all the engineering and medical entrances in the country. And so keep your cool and give it your best!