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  • 11 Tips for getting the most out of Gmail’s new interface

    Gmail launched its new look to all users on April 23 after keeping it in optional for almost 6 months. Here are some easy short-cuts, tips and tricks for those who don’t know about all features of the new Gmail.
    We’ve highlighted 11 features which will help you to use all the new functionalities of Gmail.

    1. Display

    Display density icon is there in the head of settings button, by clicking on compact or cozy option you can manage your inbox list or make it shrink.

    2. Button Labels

    Gmail automatically change the buttons above your inbox to icon, rather than text because of this feature it is very easy to manage our mails by their actions. Go to Settings > General > Button Labels.

    3. Markers

    In the Gmail we can mark our mails important or starred and can divide them by priority. For delete we have to just mark them all and delete from inbox. Go to Settings>General>Button Labels.

    4. Stars

    If you want to keep all starred and important marked mails so you can change the color of your stars for that you just need to drag n drop star option or by replacing it with a check mark and an exclamation point. Go to Settings>Inbox>important Markers