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  • IIT faculty wants JEE and common entrance test

    IIT faculties have demanded that the institutes be allowed to continue with their separate entrance exam, the IIT-JEE, a stand that could make it difficult for the government to replace it with a combined entrance test for all centrally funded tech schools. The faculties are also against any dilution of the IIT-JEE’s importance through weightage given to board marks during selection of students for admission.
    The Union human resource development (HRD) ministry had proposed scrapping the IIT-JEE in favour of a combined national entrance test, and giving 40 per cent weightage to the candidates’ board exam marks during selection. However, faced with opposition from the IIT faculties, the ministry decided to allow the matter to be debated at the institutes before a final decision was taken in June.

    Faculty members at IIT Delhi and IIT Bombay have suggested that the proposed Indian Science Engineering Eligibility Test (ISEET) that replaces the IIT-JEE should be held from 2014.

    IIT Kharagpur, however, felt that such an exam should be introduced a few years later but students should still sit for IIT-JEE after taking ISEET.

    The senate at IIT Kanpur and faculty members at IITs in Delhi, Bombay and Kharagpur insisted that IIT-JEE continue in its present format for 2013.

    They are ready to accept the combined national entrance test from 2014 (Kharagpur wants it a few years later), but insist that it should be followed by the IIT-JEE in a two-tier exam system.

    As for the 40 per cent weightage to board marks, the IIT faculties have said that board scores should only be used to set an eligibility cut-off for the JEE: admission should be based solely on the students’ scores in the entrance test.

    The ministry will next month hold a meeting of the IIT Council, the institutes’ apex decision-making body, where the views of all the senates will be considered. The final decision will be taken by the Central Advisory Board of Education, the apex advisory body on education.

    Source: TGI