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  • Kevin O'Brien - You can now study & work in Ireland

    Irish cricketer, Kevin O'Brien is in the capital as the brand ambassador of Irish education to use his popularity to attract Indian students to Ireland. Here he talks about what Ireland has to offer in the field of education.
    Q.) One would expect you to be in India at this time for some IPL-related activity, but you are endorsing education. How did you decide to promote Irish education in India?

    A. People in India know me because of my cricket, so when I was asked to endorse Irish education in India, I thought it was a great opportunity. Education is the most important factor in an individual’s growth, whether it is professional or personal, and as a sportsperson I know the importance of education in one’s life. It was therefore natural for me to take up the role when I was asked to reach out to Indian students and promote Irish education.

    Q. What are the opportunities that Ireland offers to Indian students?

    A. Ireland has a world-class higher education system that offers programmes in a wide range of specializations such as business, science and technology, and digital advertising, to name a few. Ireland is the infotech capital of Europe and significant employment opportunities exist in this sector. Irish education has a lot to offer to Indian students in terms of academic programmes and employment opportunities after finishing graduation. Right now, there’s a skill shortage in our country, and we want Indian students to study and stay in Ireland for work.

    Q. Are there any opportunities in sports for Indian students in Ireland?

    A. Sport is one of the key elements of our education system. If you look at local cricket clubs in Ireland, they are multicultural — we have Indians, Pakistanis and Sri Lankans playing with us. If a student is interested in cricket or any other sport, they can join these local clubs, which are very welcoming. In my country, students can get involved in professional sports while pursuing an academic degree.

    Q. Most of the cricketers drop out of the college early to pursue their career. Tell us about your academic career. Did you go to university?

    A. After completing high school, I enrolled in Dublin Business School to study advertising and marketing. I could not continue it because I pursued cricket as my career. But I am planning to go back to school to finish my degree after I am over with my cricket commitments.

    Source: Mail Today