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  • Hackers strike again, this time hit Nvidia's developer zone

    The news of Yahoo being hacked hasn't even died down, we have another major hacking being reported from Nvidia Inc. The world’s leading chipmaker was forced to take down its developer support Web site yesterday because user passwords may have been compromised.

    In the place of Nvidia's Developer Zone website and forum is a note saying that the company has suspended operations due to attacks on the site by third parties. It warned that hackers may have gotten hold of hashed passwords from the site. The company recommended that people who frequently access the web site should change their passwords, particularly ones they also use on other sites.

    Word of the attacks on Nvidia follow the recent breach of a Yahoo site, which exposed roughly 450,000 user passwords to the public. The attacks have heightened the awareness of the vulnerability of the Internet, and have grown in frequency.

    Nvidia noted that it does not request sensitive information by email, and warned users against providing personal, financial, or sensitive information in response to any email supposedly sent by an Nvidia employee.
    Nvidia said on its developer site that it would provide updates on that page.