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  • TI's new range of scientific calculators receive warm thumbs up from engineers in India

    Chip-maker Texas Instruments (TI) launched a new range of scientific calculators in India last month has received very good feedback from students in ‘top’ engineering colleges in India. Here we have Sumit Priyam from IIT Delhi and Anurag Kinger from Thapar University, Patiala writing about their experience with the TI 36X Pro and TI36 XII

    Sumit Priyam, IIT Delhi
    (TI 36X Pro)

    The 36 X Pro calculator from Texas instruments is amazingly good for solving equations of any degree- thanks to very easy user interface and impeccable processing speed! Apart from the normal functions in a scientific calculator, it comes with additional useful functions like Prime Factorization, Summation, Product, Vectors, Matrices, Binary Operations and Conversion from polar to rectangle coordinates.

    This Calculator is much more capable of dealing with strong manipulation, multiple variable calculations, matrix manipulation than any other Calculator. Its screen is very easy on eyes! TI has a much higher resolution, and natural print of expressions entered. Thanks to the four-line Natural Display with Math Print Mode which lets you type expressions the way you write. The "multiple tap keys", which lets you access multiple functions and variables from single key makes typing incredibly fast.

    This is a very expandable calculator with an edge from its other competitors. Another significant feature is it’s "ans" key, which lets you copy answer from previous calculations and use it for future calculation.


    Anurag Kinger,Thapar University (TI36 XII)

    The TI 36XII from Texas Instruments is a good calculator covering all the needs of an engineering student. I found it easy to use with smart looks. Price is reasonable. It is lighter as compared to the other calculators. What I really liked is its smart look and light weight accompanied by large and clear display. It has one more advantage - you can scroll to get previous results of last calculations and this proves handy during complex calculations. TI-36X II has trigonometric keys to be used with 2nd. These are the most used functions in all mathematical and scientific calculations. Overall, a very good calculator!

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    You can purchase the TI 36X Pro & TI36 XII from Flipkart by clicking HERE