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  • Perfection is pixelated: Techniche 2012 IIT Guwahati

    Every innovation, design, product or strategy that inspires awe is nothing but elementary units crafted together with perseverance and impeccable precision. Thus, their creation is no ordinary task - one has to stick to working away at tiny pixels day in and day out, working against the odds, rejecting and rethinking processes - unaware of the bigger picture all this will result into.

    Techniche, the annual techno management festival of IIT Guwahati, reincarnates this year, August 30th to September 2nd, with the theme – pixelating perfection. We present to you the essence of perfection, a universal idea - the immense patience and the ever unflappable spirit that goes behind constructing it.

    With the pixels in painstakingly, poetically, perfectly in place, what awaits you in the pristine North East this year is incredibly exciting. Unarguably the most excellent Lecture Series of the nation where distinguished ideas like Dr. Lyn Evans(Project Leader, LHC), Jonar Nader(Thinker, Strategist, Management Guru), Stephen Morse(Creator, Intel
    8086 processor), Sir Richard Stallman (Father of GNU and the Free Software Movement), Jeff Leiberman (host of Time Warp on Discovery), Nathan Schulhof (Father of the MP3 Player), have walked and talked in flesh and blood.

    This edition brings to you Dr. R. Chidambaram (Principal Scientific Advisor to the Govt of India), Neil Harbisson (world’s first Cyborg), Dr. Samuel Chand among other overwhelmingly brilliant brains. The second edition of The Industrial Conclave is a promising sequel with the likes of Amit Ranjan (CEO & Co-founder, Slideshare), Rajeev Kapoor (CEO, Fiat India), Amit Chaturvedi (Founder & CEO, HarVa), Mahesh Murthy (Founder, Pinstorm), KV Sridhar (National Creative Director, Leo Burnett). Almost personal interaction, with these greatly influential and experienced experts from varied fields of the industry, is a promise we consider meant not to be broken.

    On a related note is the Corporate Module, which is held in collaboration with EDC (Entrepreneur Development Cell) of IITG. Participants put up a dazzling display of business acumen and entrepreneurial abilities in events like Brainchild or B-Plan writing competition, Stratagem (The Marketing Strategy event), Product Launch and Bluechips. Not only do these competitions offer exposure to the best of the ideas and staggering prize money, they also include the kind of prizes all budding entrepreneurs look forward to: an incubation sum of Rs 1 Cr and a chance to win intensive mentoring from our incubating partners (DARE and Mumabi Angels).

    Carrying the entrepreneurial spirit further is the Start-up Showcase, which shall be held for the very first time in Techniche. On display will be a wagon of some of the most promising, highly efficient and quickly emerging startups. The event will witness a confluence of several entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, technologists, and of course, thousands of student! Moving on to a different sort of pixel, we present to you our robotics module. Robots are spreading in the military and civilian world, penetrating our lives to the extent that even their facing ethical decisions now is moving out of the realm of science fiction and into the real world. Making robots of a variety of sizes, capabilities, complexities and limitations is what our events like Aeroshot, hadow, Robocalypse, Angry Birdz, Pacman, Segregare and Libraria are all about. With events ranging from manual to autonomous robotics and of course aeromodelling, Robotics at Techniche is the ideal place for those looking forward to working in this field. Special mention should be made of Escalade,the nation-wide manual robotics competition. Escalade has been held in 10 cities across the nation, with talented participants from numerous colleges battling to prove their mettle. The selected student win a free ‘Ticket To Techniche’ and stand a chance to win prizes worth Rs 50,000 !

    There are so many competitions to talk about that we can’t possibly talk about them all. So, to make a gross generalization, there’s something for everyone. With our pre-defined module, consisting of events where your prepreparation majorly decide the outcomes, you are spoilt for choice. Rush hour, on the other hand or complementary pixel, has events that test your on-the-spot decisions. From paper presentation, photography contests, crime scene investigation to Sudoku and Rubik’s Cube championships, code-wars and on-thego quizzes, we have it all! Our online module, Spin the web, has much too much to offer too - talk about hacking into servers or an imaginary scavengers’ hunt or decrypting codes - alll can be had @

    Competing is a good learning exercise, but not purely a learning one. For that we have a creative collage of credible workshops awaiting you. Come explore, engage in the mind-boggling EXhibits and let the boundaries of your scientific knowledge EXplode to unceasing limits. See robots dancing around the campus, interact with gesture-screens get lost in the idyllic world of coins and stamps; come, witness the EXhibitions at Techniche'12 and see for yourself, science at its EXhilarating best!

    Thinking about ‘all work and no play...’? Don’t you worry! Quizzes from the elites - Grey Caps, non-stop gaming arenas from Xtreme Gaming, and even the purely desi Tug-of-war shall make sure that you give yourself a break as Funniche endeavours to entertain, excite, and enliven you. Enlighten and exhaust yourself in the daytime and embrace the extraordinarily enthralling Nites. With the past records of mesmerizing Laser Shows and energy-pumping bands, that sure does sound like one incredible time table.

    Extravagant, all of it, don’t you think? Well, we too! Creating a balance with this extravagance are our Initiatives. With events like Social 360 and Muskaan already conducted, and having witnessed students from orphanages go wild for a day we are eagerly looking forward to celebrate with you this blessing called life. Join us as we reach out to the orphans, help medicate the elderly and do our bit in reducing deforestation. The blood donation camp that we organise deserves special mention, as it contributed toward IIT Guwahati receiving the second prize among the "best performing organizers of voluntary blood donation campus in Assam" for the year 2010-11!

    If this wasn’t enough and this wasn’t long enough already, we are pleased to announce that the Guwahati Half Marathon is back with a greater zeal and enthusiasm. It is set to kick off on August 26th, 2012 at 6:30 A.M. ‘Run to show your Unity Guwahati!’ Sweat it together this time! Join us and our very many Cause Partners, as we take you (literally) to a whirlwind tour of the Guwahati City. Compete with the professional athletes from across India and the residents of this beautiful city only to run for the single cause that makes us all come together, and has been a hallmark of this grand nation - it’s Unity!

    Where this article ends, is where the journey starts for many of us -the schools! Technothlon is the international school championship organized by the students of IIT Guwahati in their attempt to inspire young minds. A preliminary round was conducted in more than 150 centers across India, breaking all records. The qualified candidates of this examination will experience the manic euphoria that goes into making robots, investigating a crime scene, interacting with world famous luminaries and scientists that grace IIT Guwahati during Techniche, and faculty at IIT Guwahati. An incredible initiative one has to think aloud.

    After that delicious a description, if you’re able to resist the temptation of Techniche, you must possess extra ordinary will power and you must be exercising it at all the wrong places. Come Techniche and we shall celebrate together this time, perfection pixelated. “The dates, please!”, did we hear? - 30th August to 2nd September. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and on our website - to keep updated about every bit of information that is there to share!