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  • Say bye-bye to keyboards as Google Chrome adds a speech reccognition app to its arsenal

    google chrome speech recognition application
    Ever noticed that microphone icon on some web pages? The newer versions of Google Chrome include an impressive speech recognition engine that even works offline but with one limitation – the feature is only available to text input fields (like the Google search box) and you can’t use Chrome’s speech recognition to write longer pieces of text (say a message inside Gmail).

    Meet Dictation, a speech recognition app powered by Chrome itself but one that is not limited to text boxes.

    Here’s a quick getting started guide:
    • Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift +. (Period) or click the big microphone icon to activate dictation mode and talk.
    • If you make a mistake, or if Chrome makes an error in transcription, simple click the incorrect word and edit it inline.
    • You can say “new line” to insert a new line or “delete everything” to make a fresh start.

    Dictation requires the Google Chrome browser. The full source code is available at and what follows is a brief video demo.