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  • Google Power Search, a free online Certification Course

    The search giant Google started the Power Searching for the first time in July, an online course which is a free and will help you to become a power searcher. Another live session of Power Searching with Google begins on September 24.
    Knowing how to find answers on Google is an important skill in today's digital age. Taught by Google's Search experts, this online class will help you search smarter, so you can find the information you need - even in the most challenging situations.

    Power Searching with Google started a few months ago, but if you missed it or were unable to complete the course the first time around, now's your chance to sign up again for our free online course that aims to empower our users with the tools and knowledge to find what they're looking for more quickly and easily.


    Pre-class assessment - available 24-09-2012
    Class 1 - Introduction - available 24-09-2012
    Class 2 - Interpreting results - available 26-09-2012
    Class 3 - Advanced Techniques - available 28-09-2012
    Mid-Class assessment - available 28-09-2012, deadline 11:59pm PT 10-10-2012
    Class 4 - Find Facts Faster - available 1-10-2012
    Class 5 - Checking your facts - available 3-10-2012
    Class 6 - Putting it all together - available 5-10-2012
    Post-class assessment - available 5-10-2012, deadline 11:59pm PT 10-10-2012

    This is an online, community-based course showcasing search techniques and how you can use them to solve real, everyday problems. Dan Russell, a senior research scientist at Google, will cover topics that will help you:
    • Find just what you're looking for, faster
    • Get right to the most credible sources
    • Solve even the most challenging questions
    Ninety-six percent of people who completed the course also said they liked the format and would be interested in taking similar courses, so we plan to offer a suite of upcoming courses in the coming months, including Advanced Power Searching. Since the internet is very vast, it has 99% content which is not needed by 99% of users, hence a power search is the need for the day.

    The community-based course features six 50-minute classes along with interactive activities and the opportunity to hear from search experts and Googlers about how search works. Beginning September 24, you can take the classes over a two-week period, share what you learn with other students in a community forum, and complete the course assessments to earn a certificate of completion.

    The course begins on September 24 and ends on October 10.
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