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  • Record Breaking 3603 Placements at VIT, by Accenture, Wipro and Cognizant

    A thee-day on campus placement drive conducted at VIT University Chennai on Sunday in which few tech companies took part.According to sources, Accenture made 1492 job offers and wipro made 1308 job offers at the university while cognizant made 803 offers.

    Last year the University registered their names with the LIMCA Book of Records for highest placements done by a single company on a single day. The year accounted for 1,820 job offers by Cognizant for current and 1,643 offers for the previous batch.

    The recruitment process which consisted of screening tests and interviews was conducted for 2,700 odd students. VIT University Vice President Mr. G.V. Sampath said, “The scenario is courtesy a big recession. Every company wants to go up 50 per cent cut in recruitment and several institutions felt the heat.”

    “We are creating a record this year too,” said G.V. Sampath while addressing the students. The University this year saw Wipro, Accenture and Cognizant conduct their placement drive screening the students on the first day and interviewing them for the next two days.

    Samuel Rajkumar, Deputy Director of Placement said “Flipkart has already conducts their campus placement drive with us offering jobs to four students. They offered Rs. 12.5 lakh p.a. while DE Shaw, a software company, which is yet to conduct their drive, offered Rs. 14.5 lakh p.a.”

    According to the university, a total of 55 companies have conducted placement drives. Rajkumar said, “every year 150 to 160 companies come to the university. Last year 188 companies came and we are trying to get as many this year as well. Infact last year our placement accounted for 95 percent placing 3,007 students. The overall fewer numbers could be due to economic slowdown.”

    Wipro General Manager Giri, Senior Manager Wipro Viswanathan, Vice President Wipro Vinoth and Vasudevan and Manager Human Resource Accenture Ragavendivan came for the drive. Reportedly Cognizant also made 803 job offers compared to 1,920 job offers made last year, apparently TCS and Infosys are not visiting the university this year.

    “Despite the bad market conditions, the institution was able to place students with companies. In a recession-like scenario, every company wants to cut 50 per cent in recruitment and institutions are feeling the heat” Said G.V.Sampath, Vice President of VIT.

    Some of the best packages offered at the institute include Flipkart making an offer of Rs 12.5 Lakh and D.E Shaw made an offer of Rs 14.5 Lakh.